‘Vanderpump Rules’: 5 Shocking Moments From Reunion Part 2, From Lala’s Breakdown To Schwartz’s Pill Popping

Raquel Leviss finally takes the stage but gets a frosty reception

An exasperated Tom Sandoval defends himself during the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion. (Bravo)

Part 2 of the “Vanderpump Rules” Season 10 finale aired Wednesday, with Raquel Leviss finally joining her castmates on set (Leviss and Scheana Shay could not be in the same location due to Leviss’ restraining order against Shay).

But before Leviss took the stage, emotions ran high and reached a tipping point.

Here are the five most shocking moments from part two of the “Vanderpump Rules” Season 10 reunion.

Tom Sandoval needs a break

During lunch, Sandoval had enough of the cast pile on and visited Leviss in her trailer.

After producers refused his request to speak to Leviss without cameras, Sandoval voiced his frustration.

“Hey, can we have a for-real break without being filmed?” Sandoval requested.

“Yeah, that would be nice,” Leviss added.

“Cameras are up if anyone is together,” a producer responded.

“Dude, no man, I’m taking my mic off,” Sandoval replied.

“I need a break from filming!” he shouted as the conversation moved to the parking lot. “I want to talk to her. I don’t want a camera in my goddamn f–king face!”

Lala Kent Breaks Down

After lunch, the conversation temporarily moved off the Scandoval cheating scandal. Ally Lewber, James Kennedy’s new girlfriend, took the stage.

Host Andy Cohen asked Lewber how she felt about getting relationship advice from Lala Kent, who previously hooked up with Kennedy. Kent also warned Lewber about Kennedy’s temper.

“I think at the time, I was kinda open to hearing what they had to say,” Lewber responded. “But now looking back, I could’ve been more protective of us,” referring to herself and Kennedy.

“I think at that point and time, I was extremely triggered by my own situation,” Kent replied, referring to her strained relationship with her ex Randall Emmett. “And I didn’t want anything that happened to me to happen to other chicks.”

“My life was a lot this summer,” Kent said, fighting back tears. “I felt like such an idiot, such a fool.”

Watch their exchange above.

Scheana Shay Gets Served

Tom Schwartz consoles Scheana Shay after she learns the temporary restraining order against her will be dismissed (Bravo)

Already under a temporary restraining order, Scheana Shay was surprised when host Andy Cohen served her additional legal documents from Leviss.

Cohen explained Leviss had requested to dismiss the restraining order (and court date), causing Shay to cry tears of relief.

“I completely regret filing the restraining order and have been taking every measure to get it dropped,” Leviss said in a separate interview.

“The betrayal of two of my best friends [Leviss and Sandoval], that is heartbreaking in itself,” Shay said, fighting back tears. “For her to do this to me, it has taken such a toll on me. I have not been able to be completely present for my daughter. All this legal s–t I’ve been dealing with … it’s been a lot.”

Tom Schwartz pops a Xanax

Right before Leviss went on stage, Tom Schwartz pulled out a bottle of pills from his suit jacket.

“What the f–k is that?” Sandoval asked his best friend.

“Xanax,” Schwartz replied, biting a portion of the pill and swallowing it without water. “For stress,” he explained.

“Funny you’re taking Xanax,” Ariana Madix chimed in.

“Want some?” Schwartz replied, tossing the bottle across the room to Sandoval’s longtime girlfriend, whom he cheated on with Leviss.

It was Sandoval and Lisa Vanderpump who ended the casual pass-around of prescription drugs.

“That’s Schwartz’s medication,” Sandoval said.

“Stop!” Vanderpump instructed, handing the bottle back to Schwartz.

Cast’s chilly reception to Leviss

As Leviss took the stage, Madix refused to make eye contact at all, instead choosing to look at the floor.

Earlier, when Cohen asked Schwartz to move one seat over to allow Leviss to sit next to Sandoval, Madix objected.