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‘Vanderpump Rules': 5 Shocking Moments From the Reunion Part One

Tom Sandoval immediately broke down in tears, but none of his castmates were buying it

Part 1 of the three-part “Vanderpump Rules” Season 10 finale aired Wednesday night.

The discussion immediately focused on Tom Sandoval’s secret affair with castmember Raquel Leviss while he was dating and living with Ariana Madix. The scandal has been dubbed “The Scandoval.”

Read on to find out the five most shocking moments from the “Vanderpump Rules” reunion.

Tom Sandoval breaks down right away

Host Andy Cohen gave Tom Sandoval a chance to address his castmates right at the beginning of the reunion.

“Sandoval, before we dive in, is there anything you want to say to Ariana or the group at large?” Cohen offered up.

“Uh, I just want to thank everybody,” Sandoval replied, his voice quivering.

“Pull yourself together man,” James Kennedy shouted back.

“You’re not a victim,” his ex Madix added. “This sad sack act is f–king bulls–t.”

It became very clear that no one — perhaps except Lisa Vanderpump — believed Sandoval was remorseful.

“F–king crocodile tears,” Kennedy admonished. “P–sy!”

Lala claps back at Lisa

Drawing from her own cheating experience with ex Randall Emmett, Lala Kent called Sandoval a “narcissist” and “a dangerous human being.”

“Lala, that’s actually a ridiculous stance to start saying Sandoval’s a ‘dangerous person,'” Vanderpump said in his defense.

“I didn’t ask for anyone else’s opinion,” Kent replied to Vanderpump, her former employer at SUR restaurant and an executive producer on the show.

“Well you have my opinion,” Vanderpump responded.

“Well that’s great, I reject it,” Kent clapped back, which seemed to take Vanderpump by surprise. Watch the exchange above.

James and Tom Sandoval nearly come to blows

Things nearly got physical between Kennedy and Sandoval.

Sandoval accused Kennedy of sleeping with his ex-girlfriend Kristen Doute to get on the show.

Kennedy jumped up from his chair and Cohen got up to stop him, his question cards flying everywhere.

“My cards!” Cohen bemoaned.

Kenny got up again, at which point Cohen instructed him to “stay in the f–king chair.” Kennedy continued to hurl insults at Sandoval, including calling him a “worm with a moustache.”

Conflicting timelines

When Cohen questioned Tom Schwartz, Sandoval’s best friend, about when he found out about the cheating, Schwartz replied, “late August.”

That was in direct contrast to the timeline Sandoval gave, where he said he told Schwartz about the affair in late January.

There’s something about them

In spite of all the screaming, accusations and profanities hurled by the cast, a bit of good news emerged from the reunion.

After the cheating scandal went public, Madix and Katie Maloney raised over $200,000 from merchandise sales for their new sandwich shop, Something About Her. The duo plan to open in West Hollywood at the end of May.