Why the US Is Winning the Video Game Adaptation Race Despite Higher Japanese Output | Charts

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Japan is responsible for nearly 60% of video game adaptation supply, but just 28% of the domestic demand

Pedro Pascal in HBO's "The Last of Us" adaptation
Pedro Pascal in HBO's "The Last of Us" adaptation

Networks have long realized that video games have huge potential for engaging TV audiences. From the 1982 “Pac-Man” animated show to Prime Video’s upcoming “Fallout” series, the graphics, storylines and character development in games have significantly improved over time, broadening their fanbase.

After a long period of unsuccessful U.S. video-game adaptations to TV and movies in the past, recent years have seen a resurgence in the genre’s popularity thanks to a string of successes. Of the top 10 most in-demand video-game TV adaptations of all time as of 2023, seven have been released since 2018. Some examples of these shows are HBO’s “The Last of Us” (the most popular video-game adaptation last year), Paramount+’s “Halo” and Peacock’s “Twisted Metal.” All of them are based on popular U.S.


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