‘Walking Dead’ Finally Kills Someone Big (Spoilers)

After introducing people just to kill them, show finally makes some big sacrifices

(Spoiler alert: You saw the headline, right? Don’t read this if you don’t want to know what happened on Sunday’s midseason finale.)

After a season of introducing characters just to kill them, “The Walking Dead” finally killed some major players Sunday. It wasn’t pretty in any sense.

Hershel Greene, the kindly farmer who joined the show in Season 2, was decapitated by The Governor, using Michonne’s sword, in a slaying that set off lots of other carnage.

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Michonne later recovered her blade and drove it through The Governor’s chest, and Lily appeared to shoot him. But given his Rasputin-like knack for coming back, the fact that we didn’t see him die, and the ridiculousness of “The Walking Dead” of late, I’m only 99.9 percent sure he’s gone.

Baby Judith, meanwhile, also seems 99.9 percent likely to be dead. Horrible. Horrible.

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And what of Meghan, the sweet girl the Governor pledged to keep alive? She died, Penny-like, by The Governor’s own gun, after she was bitten by a mud monster. (Yeah, a mud monster. The show does still have its moments.)

All in all, Sunday’s midseason finale provided a truly depressing end to the first half of the show’s fourth season. Also, we live in a country where the most popular scripted show on TV featured an infant apparently getting eaten alive.

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There’ll be much more to say about Sunday’s installment on Monday morning. In the meantime, tell us in the comments below how you felt about all of the killings.