Why CNN+ Is Shutting Down Just 3 Weeks After It Launched

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A rushed launch, low subscriber numbers, and a lack of vision led Warner Bros. Discovery to close down the new streaming service

CNN+ is struggling with viewership in its first two weeks. (Getty)

Warner Bros. Discovery is shutting down the newly launched streaming service CNN+ less than a month after it debuted. Several insiders told TheWrap the decision arrived after the new corporate bosses reviewed the product after a rushed launch, low subscriber numbers, and questions over whether it fit the newly merged’s company’s broader streaming vision.

Chris Licht, the incoming chairman and CEO of CNN, told staff Thursday that the platform will cease operations on April 30 in a memo, which TheWrap has obtained and you can read in full below.

“As we become Warner Bros. Discovery, CNN will be strongest as part of WBD’s streaming strategy which envisions news as an important part of a compelling broader offering along with sports, entertainment, and nonfiction content,” said Licht in a statement.