Watch Every Sketch From Tom Hanks’ Return To ‘SNL’ (Videos)

Hanks played Capt. Sullenberger, a Trump supporter on “Black Jeopardy” and Ron Howard on his ninth go-around as “SNL” host

Tom Hanks has returned to “Saturday Night Live” to host for the ninth time, and he definitely didn’t disappoint. Here are the best moments from the October 22 episode.

As if the cold open would be about anything else. Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin were back to mock the final presidential debate, but this time they were joined by Hanks, who played Fox News’ Chris Wallace.

Hanks then spent his opening monologue¬†using his role as America’s Dad/the spiritual successor to Mister Rogers to give a heart-to-heart chat with our nation about how it’s “a lot gayer than it used to be.”


Alec Baldwin wasn’t just on “SNL” to play Trump again this week. In a parody of Hanks’ latest film, “Sully,” Baldwin plays an airline captain who¬†realizes that flying with Captain Sullenberger isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Hanks also played the latest attraction on a Halloween elevator ride that isn’t as scary as advertised.

Noelle & Joelle are back to riff on pet videos, and they were joined by Hanks playing his filming colleague, Ron Howard.

Leslie Jones is continuing to mine her cyber harassment for comedy gold, as she showed up on “Weekend Update” to talk about internet security.

Sitcom premises are getting weirder and weirder. Take this one, in which Hanks, Bayer and Strong play adjunct professors dealing with crippling depression while a voiceover tries to sell it like it’s the next “Big Bang Theory.”


Finally, here’s Lady Gaga performing her song “Million Reasons” from her new album, “Joanne.”