Watch Two Filmmakers Battle It Out in Starz’s ‘The Chair’ (Exclusive Video)

Each is tasked with making the same coming-of-age comedy, with each effort exactly alike — and totally different

Last Updated: September 15, 2014 @ 2:59 PM

Starz’s reality program “The Chair” might as well be called “Auteur Theory.”

The cable network’s first reality show, from “Project Greenlight” producer Chris Moore, features two filmmakers working to make their own movies using the same budget, same location, and the same script — a coming-of-age comedy called “How Soon Is Now.”

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The first, from a young filmmaker named Anna Martemucci, became a sweet comedy called “Hollidaysburg.” A clip of it is above; here’s the synopsis:

‘Hollidaysburg’ is a coming-of-age comedy about finding love, and the thrilling first moments of adulthood. When high school friends reunite over their first holiday break during college, they discover just how much they have changed while their town of Hollidaysburg has stayed the same. Within hours of his return, former prom king, Scott (Tobin Mitnick) is dumped by his now-depressive girlfriend, discovers his parents have sold his childhood home, and must prepare to say goodbye to his beloved town forever. Meanwhile Scott’s friend and quasi “kid sister” Tori (Rachel Keller) is in agony after spending unending hours with her embarrassing family. But when Scott and Tori reunite, an unlikely romance blossoms.

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And then there is “Not Cool,” the version of the script directed by Shane Dawson. Read the synopsis of his take on the tale below, followed by an exclusive clip from his film:

A raunchy coming-of-age comedy, Not Cool follows former prom king and college freshman Scott (Dawson) who returns home for Thanksgiving break only to be dumped by his eccentric, long-term girlfriend. With his world turned upside down, Scott strikes an unlikely friendship with his old classmate Tori (Leigh), an ugly duckling who blossomed in her first semester of college. Together, the two embark on an outrageous adventure through their hometown. But when Scott and Tori find their friendship turning into something deeper, they realize that a few months away may have changed them more than they realized.

The films hit theaters in NYC on Sept. 19, and in L.A. a week later. “Not Cool” was a top ten comedy on iTunes over the weekend.