What’s Leaving Max in February 2024

Watch these animated DC movies, like “Batman: Gotham Knight,” before they leave the streamer

Batman: Gotham Knight
Batman: Gotham Knight (DC/Warner Bros.)

Lots of good things are coming to Max in February, but a lot of content — including several DC animated movies like “Batman: Gotham Knight” — is also getting yanked this month.

Among the other animated DC titles leaving Max on Feb. 29 are “Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero,” “Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman,” “Superman vs. The Elite,” “Superman: Brainiac Attacks,” “Superman: Doomsday” and the 73-minute “Wonder Woman” from 2009.

These live-action Warner Bros. movies are also being pulled: The Tom Cruise sci-fi action movie “Edge of Tomorrow,” 2008’s “Speed Racer,” and Kevin Hart’s comedy “Central Intelligence.”

Here’s everything leaving Max in February 2024:

February 1
Tacoma FD, Seasons 1-3
February 6
Edge of Tomorrow (2014)
We Bare Bears: The Movie (2020)
February 7
The Many Lives of Nick Buoniconti (2019) (HBO Original)

February 10
Central Intelligence (2016)
February 15
Bullet To The Head (2013)
February 17
Ben 10 (2017), Season 4B
February 18
Chasing Greatness: Coach K x Lebron (2023)
It’s A Hard Truth, Ain’t It (HBO Original) (2018)
February 22
Paris Can Wait (2017)
February 25
A Tiny Audience (HBO Original)

February 29
42 (2013)
Act of Valor (2012)
Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero (1998)
Batman: Gotham Knight (2008)
Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman (2003)
Be Kind, Rewind (2008)
Blindspotting (2018)
The Blue Lagoon (1980)
Bulletproof Monk (2003)
DC Showcase: Superman/Shazam!: The Return Of Black Adam
Drive My Car (2021)
Exodus: Gods And Kings (2014)
Exorcist, The (1973)
Fire In The Sky (1993)
Freedom Fighters: The Ray (2018)
Georgia Rule (2007)
Ghost And The Darkness, The (1996)
Green Lantern: Emerald Knights (2011)
Green Lantern: First Flight (2009)
Heartburn (1986)
I Love You, Man (2009)
JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time (2014)
Juice (1992)
Just Like Heaven (2005)
Knocked Up (2007)
Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash (2018)
Little Black Book (2004)
Lucy (2014)
Milk (2008)
The Missing (2003)
Mommie Dearest (1981)
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997)
Natural Born Killers (1994)
Night at the Museum: Secret Of The Tomb (2014)
Out of the Furnace (2013)
Sabrina (1995)
Speed Racer (2008)
Superman vs. The Elite (2012)
Superman: Brainiac Attacks (2006)
Superman: Doomsday (2007)
Superman: Man of Tomorrow (2020)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)
Wonder Woman (Animated) (2009)


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