Here’s What’s New on Hulu in August 2022

Get ready for “Reservation Dogs” Season 2, “Prey,” the original “Spider-Man” movies and more

David Bukach/20th Century

With the new month come new arrivals to all TV and movie streamers, including Hulu. The August 2022 slate contains many classic re-watch options as well as new seasons of original shows and new movies as well. 

For those who couldn’t get enough of Keke Palmer in Jordan Peele’s latest movie “Nope” (2022), one of her breakout films “Akeelah and the Bee” (2006) has landed on Hulu. Tom Hanks’ “Cast Away” (2000), Natalie Portman’s “Black Swan,” the first two “Despicable Me” films and Tobey Maguire’s “Spider-Man” trilogy also arrive this month. 

FX’s “Reservation Dogs” Season 2 arrives exclusively on Hulu Aug. 3. The Hulu Original film “Prey” arrives Aug. 5. “Legacy: The True Story of the L.A. Lakers” premieres on Hulu Aug. 15. Another exclusive heading to Hulu later in August is Steve Carell’s limited series “The Patient,” available to stream Aug. 30. 

Here’s what’s new on Hulu in August 2022.

August 1

“Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Season 1” (DUBBED) (Viz)

“Cinderella and Four Knights: Season 1” (SUBBED) (Viki)

“Uncontrollably Fond: Season 1” (SUBBED) (Viki)

“21” (2008)

“Akeelah and the Bee” (2006)

“American Assassin” (2017)

“Aqui Entre Nos” (2012)

“Big Momma’s: Like Father, Like Son” (2011)

“Black Swan” (2010)

“The Blair Witch Project” (1999)

“Blast from the Past” (1999)

“Blazing Saddles” (1974)

“Book of Shadows: The Blair Witch 2” (2000)

“Bucky Larson Born to Be a Star” (2011)

“Bugsy” (1991)

“Cast Away” (2000)

“The Chronicles of Riddick” (2004)

“Dan in Real Life” (2007)

“Despicable Me” (2010)

“Despicable Me 2” (2013)

“Detroit” (2017)

“The Devil Wears Prada” (2006)

“Fantastic Mr. Fox” (2009)

“Gandhi” (1982)

“Ghostbusters” (1984)

“Ghostbusters II” (1989)

“Good Luck Chuck” (2007)

“Groundhog Day” (1993)

“Gulliver’s Travels” (2010)

“Hotel Transylvania” (2012)

“I Feel Pretty” (2018)

“In Time” (2011)

“Jiro Dreams of Sushi” (2011)

“Just Go With It” (2011)

“Kindergarten Cop” (1990)

“The Leisure Seeker” (2018)

“Man on Fire” (2004)

“Men of Honor” (2000)

“Miles Ahead” (2016)

“The Muppets Take Manhattan” (1984)

“Ninja Assassin” (2009)

“Nurse 3-D” (2014)

“The Object of My Affection” (1998)

“Paul Blart: Mall Cop” (2009)

“Pretty Woman” (1990)

“See No Evil, Hear No Evil” (1989)

“Shame” (2011)

“Simply Irresistible” (1999)

“The Sixth Man” (1997)

“So I Married an Axe Murderer” (1993)

“Source Code” (2011)

“Spider-Man” (2002)

“Spider-Man 2” (2004)

“Spider-Man 3” (2007)

“Step Up Revolution” (2012)

“Surf’s Up” (2007)

“Swimfan” (2002)

“Synecdoche, New York” (2008)

“Tower Heist” (2011)

“Vantage Point” (2008)

“Wanderlust” (2012)

“War Horse” (2011)

“The Wedding Singer” (1998)

“What a Girl Wants” (2003)

“X-Men Origins: Wolverine” (2009)

“You’ve Got Mail” (1998)

August 3

FX’s “Reservation Dogs: Season 2” Premiere (Only on Hulu)

August 4

“CMA Fest” (ABC)

August 5

“Prey” (2022) (Hulu Original)

August 10

“Password”: Series Premiere (NBC)

August 11

“Trolls: TollsTopia”: Complete 7th and Final Season (Hulu Original)

August 12

“This Fool”: Complete Season 1 (Hulu Original)

August 13

“FX’s Children of the Underground”: Complete Season 1 (FX)

August 15

“Legacy: The True Story of the L.A. Lakers”: Limited Series Premiere (Hulu Original)

“Love Revolution”: Season 1 (SUBBED) (Viki)

“The China Hustle” (2017)

“The Hate U Give” (2018)

“Journey to the West” (2013)

“Monsters” (2010)

“Nymphomaniac Volume 1” – Extended Director’s Cut (2013)

“Nymphomaniac Volume 2” – Extended Director’s Cut (2013)

“Red Cliff” (2008)

“Stage Mother” (2020)

“What Just Happened” (2008)

“Whose Streets?” (2017)

August 16

“Hotties”: Complete Season 1 (Only on Hulu)

August 17

“On the Count of Three” (2022)

August 18

“Dragons: The Nine Realms”: Complete Season 3 (Hulu Original)

“International Falls” (2020)

August 23

“Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens”: Season 1B (Disney XD)

August 24

“Blippi”: Complete Season 4

“Hostile Territory” (2022)

August 25

“Mike”: Season 1 Premiere (Hulu Original)

“Welcome to Wrexham”: Season 1 Premiere (FX)

August 26

“Doc McStuffins: The Doc Is 10!” (Disney Jr) (2022)

“Little Demon”: Season 1 Premiere (FX)

August 30

FX’s “The Patien”t: Limited Series Premiere (Only on Hulu)

“Keep This Between Us”: Season 1 Premiere (Freeform)

August 31

“The Croods: Family Tree”: Complete Season 4 (Hulu Original)