What’s the Deal? With ‘The Rover’ Star Robert Pattinson? (Video)

Pattinson was supposed to fade away into obscurity after he finished the “Twilight” series, but he hasn’t. Instead, the young heartthrob has (gasp!) taken it upon himself to become a serious actor — and a pretty good one at that

TheWrap’s film reporter Jeff Sneider has been writing about the English actor for years but he’d only seen two Pattinson pictures prior to “The Rover,” neither of which made a lasting impression.

However, when paired with Guy Peace in David Michod‘s gritty Australian drama, Pattinson soars, leaving Edward Cullen fully in the past as he focuses on his future, which is getting brighter with each movie he graces.

Watch the video to learn why Pattinson impressed Sneider with his performance in “The Rover,” and what happened when the two of them met at the film’s premiere.

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