Meet CNN’s Amy Entelis: The News Veteran and Emerging Heir Apparent to Fired CEO Chris Licht

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Virginia Moseley and Eric Sherling have also been tapped to lead the news network alongside COO David Leavy as the search for a new leader begins

Amy Entelis (Photo Credit: Jai Lennard/CNN)
CNN Digital Expansion 2022 Amy Entelis (Photo Credit: Jai Lennard/CNN)

The revolving door of CNN leaders continues. As of Wednesday, Chris Licht was officially out as the CEO and chairman of the news network and four executive vice presidents are overseeing CNN in the interim: Amy Entelis, Virginia Moseley, Eric Sherling and David Leavy. But according to insiders who spoke with TheWrap, Entelis has emerged as the top candidate for the chief executive job.

Licht’s time as CEO was short and controversial. He lasted a little more than a year after taking the job from Jeff Zucker, who held it for nearly a decade before being ousted due to his relationship with executive Allison Gollust.