‘Erin Carter’ Fights Its Way to the Top of the Streaming List | Charts

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The spy thriller highlights Netflix’s skill in picking shows with international appeal

Evin Ahmad stars in "Who Is Erin Carter? (Netflix)
Evin Ahmad stars in "Who Is Erin Carter? (Netflix)

One reason Netflix has grown into the global leader in streaming is that it has developed content that can play almost anywhere. That latest example is “Who is Erin Carter?,” an English-language action series that unravels the mystery of a British teacher living in Spain who takes down some robbers with the skill of a trained secret agent. 

Is she Interpol, KGB, or CIA? Even with a cast of relative unknowns, the globe-trotting action captivated viewers and propelled “Erin Carter” to the top spot in this week’s Samba TV Weekly Wrap Report for August 28 to September 3. Black and Asian households both overindexed in viewership of “Erin Carter” during the live-plus-three-day viewing window, at a 20% and 23% increase, respectively.

Demographic details for “Who Is Erin Carter?,” Aug.