Whoopi Goldberg Forgets She Once Starred in Racist ‘Tom and Jerry’ Warning (Video)

And Rosie Perez complains about Netflix movies taking money away from actresses like her

If movies stop premiering in theaters and start premiering on Netflix, Rosie Perez is worried it could take money out of her pocket.

“The View” co-host complained about the upcoming simultaneous release of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2” on both the streaming site and in IMAX theaters.

“As an actor, I’m a little concerned because it cuts into some of our profits,” Perez said.

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“You get profits?” Whoopi Goldberg asked. “I made 85,000 movies, I haven’t seen a penny!”

Regal and Cinemark theaters have refused to screen the sequel when it comes out in August 2015. Regal, which is the largest theater chain in the U.S., said on Tuesday that they wanted nothing to do with this “experiment.”

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“In the acting world, only one percent make the big bucks,” Perez said, without saying whether or not she was a member of that class. “They are the ones that make the multi-millions but what most people don’t know is an actor’s life is very difficult.”

While Perez is concerned about actors’ salaries diminishing, she does think the cost of seeing a movie has risen too far for the average consumer.

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“Movie theaters are just too expensive,” Perez said.

The conversation amongst the co-hosts shifted to a warning currently appearing on “Tom and Jerry” cartoons streaming on iTunes and Amazon Instant Prime. As TheWrap previously reported, the animated shorts featured a disclaimer saying the cartoon contained scenes of “ethnic and racial prejudice.”

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“I don’t remember a whole lot of Klan marching,” Goldberg said on Thursday’s show. “I’m not sure what that is.”

Goldberg failed to mention that she recorded a video disclaimer, warning of offensive content found in the “Tom and Jerry” cartoons. The message was included in a previous released Warner Home Video DVD collection.

Watch the video from Thursday morning’s “The View” above.