Here’s Why ‘The View’ Isn’t On This Month

The ladies of the ABC talk show have gone on their summer vacations

The View

Amid two Hollywood strikes, “The View” host Whoopi Goldberg has explained to fans a few times a week why and how the show has continued on. So, why are the ladies suddenly off the air? Worry not, it’s just vacation time.

Season 26 of the ABC talk show concluded on Friday, August 4, sending the hosts on their regularly scheduled summer break.

When the WGA first went on strike back in May, Whoopi kicked off the next day’s show by telling viewers that they were “gonna hear how it would be when it’s not, you know, slicked up,” and noted that they continued with the show “because we want to keep everybody employed, and we want to do our best, and we support our writers ’cause we know what they’re going through.”

Then, when SAG joined the strike in July, Whoopi clarified that “The View” operates under the network code, which is a different contract than the one currently trying to be renegotiated.

As a result, the hosts continued on with the talk show, but there was certainly a noticeable difference in guest appearances. Celebrities were still brought on but could not discuss struck work, instead often promoting their literary works or other projects.

“The View” will be off for about a month, returning the Tuesday after Labor Day, Sept. 5.

At this point, it’s unclear whether the strikes will still be happening when “The View” returns, as negotiations have not started back up for either guild as of this writing.