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‘The Other Woman': Taylor Kinney on the Craziest Thing He’s Done For Love (Video)

Hint: vandalism

In Fox’s “The Other Woman,” Cameron Diaz teams up with Leslie Mann and Kate Upton when all three ladies realize they are romantically involved with the same man.

Lots of complicated, only-in-a-romantic-comedy situations ensue as the characters try to get revenge on their cheating man in the name of love.

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Co-star Taylor Kinney (NBC’s “Chicago Fire”), who plays heartthrob Phil, gets caught up in all the crazy too — which caused the actor to reflect on the craziest thing he ever did for love in real-life.

“I remember spray painting a billboard,” Kinney told TheWrap on the film’s red carpet. “[My brother and I], we got all dressed up in black, and it was this all-white billboard and I remember spray painting [it] for a girl.”

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Kinney was tight-lipped as to whether or not his graffiti valentine proved successful, but he was very eager to tell us what he hopes the audience’s take away is after seeing the film.

“I want people to be talking about it the next day,” Kinney said. “Hopefully, the experience is that they laugh and it’s heartfelt. But at the same time, I think … people will relate to the characters. It’s something people will talk about.”

“The Other Woman” arrives in theaters Friday, April 25.