Nikki Finke Out for Blood at New Homepage


Site splash page debuts with a distinctly gruesome theme

Nikki Finke’s new site will be out for blood — if its new intro page is any indication.

“ is coming to Hollywood,” reads the site, which for now is just a homepage teaser. “Come for the cynicism. Stay for the subversion. Don’t steal Nikki’s scoops.”

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The words are emblazoned on a black background next to a running rivulet of blood, indicating that Finke has no intention of retracting her claws if and when she gets back to showbiz news. The site also links to Finke’s Twitter account, which now features the site’s bloody facade as its background and updated its avatar.

Interesting side note: The account is still tweeting links to Deadline stories, despite her departure from the site — and is doing so manually, meaning she (or a lackey) is punching in “RT” and cut/pasting Deadline’s tweets.

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After Deadline announced on Tuesday that its founder and editor in chief had “parted ways,” Finke did not hesitate to debut the splash page for her upcoming, which she has said will start in earnest in the new year once she finalizes deals with backers.

TheWrap first reported in June that Finke and boss Jay Penske were at odds, to the point where insiders said that the Variety and Deadline owner had fired her.   Finke was able to get out of her contract with Penske early, she tweeted on Tuesday, adding that it was a “great day” and she was looking forward to “start[ing] a new career” at her new site.

  • Gina

    Oh come on. The Wrap reported in June that Nikki was fired, not just that Nikki was “at odds” with Jay Penske. Own up to your mistakes and people will respect you more

    • Jimmy

      For all intents and purposes, she was fired. They just had to pretty it up for the PR machine.

  • enoughalready

    THE WRAP’s obsession with all things NF is not just boring, but pathetic and borderline psychotic

  • TheWrapWins

    This is old news. Nikki is old. Who cares? TheWrap needs to stop poking a dead dog… it’s over… point TheWrap

  • Vierge Noir

    Does anyone really give a shit?

  • lovethisbusiness

    C’mon, guys, it’s schadenfreude.

  • Jimmy

    Yawn. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I never went to Deadline solely for Finke. In fact, the “cynicism” got old real quick. I feel for those who are left at Deadline. Finke never had a problem turning a snide comment on her own people and now she’ll be even more free to rip into them.

  • Pedroaustrala

    How stupid – she really has lost the plot hasn’t she. Penske must be so glad to be rid of this old hack

  • DavisCups

    I adore NF. Don’t hate on the OG.

  • Matt Clayton

    I love the irony of “Don’t steal Nikki’s scoops” — since she and former crony Mike Fleming had the nerve to usurp scoops done by rival trades (especially THR) and tout them as their own. Not once, but dozens of times.

    It’s like a blatant invitation for her rivals to pay her the same kind of contempt and “courtesy” of her vitrol.