Philip Seymour Hoffman Autopsy: Actor Died of Mixed Drug Intoxication

Philip Seymour Hoffman Autopsy: Actor Died of Mixed Drug Intoxication

Cocaine, heroin, benzodiazepines and amphetamine found in his system

Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman died from acute mixed drug intoxication, the New York medical examiner said Friday.

Heroin, cocaine, benzodiazepines and amphetamine were found in the 46-year old's system and his death was ruled an accident.

Hoffman, a star whose work in films such as “The Master” and “Capote” was greatly acclaimed, was found dead in his West Village apartment on February 2. A needle was reportedly found in his arm and 70 glassine baggies of heroin were also in his home. An initial autopsy was inconclusive.

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Hoffman, who had spoken candidly about his history of addiction and had claimed to have been clean for decades, entered a detox program last year after relapsing.

He is survived by his longtime partner Mimi O'Donnell and their three children.  The actor left his entire estate to O'Donnell and expressed a strong preference that his kids live in New York City, San Francisco or Chicago to be closer to cultural opportunities.

An alleged drug dealer busted in a sweep after Hoffman's death was charged with possession and intent to sell and is now free on bail. Robert Vineberg has repeatedly said that while he knew Hoffman, he did not sell him the heroin. Police found more than 350 bags of heroin in the NoHo apartment of the 57-year-old jazz musician who claims they were for personal use; investigators have not connected Vineberg to Hoffman's death.

A funeral for the actor was held in New York City earlier this month and drew colleagues and co-stars such as Amy Adams, Cate Blanchett, Joaquin Phoenix and Meryl Streep.

  • A Apple

    You are human trash.

  • JR

    Great actor who will be missed, but just how much does it take to be considered not accidental!

  • Calliebella

    I think it is time we appreciate people for their lives and not for their deaths. This man was apparently tortured by demons we know nothing about. His heart was broken in some way that allowed for great art and great misery. Why cannot we see what he attributed to the world. He inhabited every part he played in the most amazing fashion. He is one of the great actors of all time. Just like Van Gogh and other artists you cannot remember them only for how they died. It is his life that defined him. He had three beautiful children. His art was methodic and beautiful and he was a man torn apart by personal demons. I know I wouldn't want my personal demons to be thrown about online and that define my life. I have a life that is full that included the good the bad and the fabulous. Rest in Peace sir. Callie

  • Johan

    he brought his demons inside himself, ignored all good advices to stay away from drugs and his death wasnt an accident, an accident is something that happens upon you that you arent able to avoid, his death was a consequence of his actions.

  • GP

    Right…accident. People at his level know you don't mix those drugs. Even the average druggy knows that. He wanted to dance with the devil. Besides that, it makes me sad he is gone. He was a great talent who could consume you through his acting. Here's to the afterlife.

  • Les

    Accidental or not only he knows. People have to remember that addiction is a disease… And that's what Philip Seymour Hoffman was fighting. And ppeople will remember him for his acting career… His death is just new and a shock to many people so its going to be talked about right now.

  • Steve Knight

    Disease my ass. I drink way too much alcohol everyday and this “disease” excuse is bullshit. How come you never hear people who die of lung cancer suffering from the “disease” of too many Marlboros? I drink to avoid certain realities that bother me. Realities that bother ME. The operating word is ME and that makes it for selfish reasons. Philip S.H. was a fool. Maybe he really was huffing gasoline in “Love Liza”. Wonderful actor indeed: But I know of many wonderful plumbers, bartenders (too many probably), welders, and teachers.

  • Steve Knight

    How come nobody gets addicted to LSD, MDMA, Mescaline, or Mushrooms? Because they change the way you think and not the way you feel. Booze, Weed, Heroin, Pills; they change the way you FEEL they make you feel good. It is selfish. I am selfish. If I die of liver cancer, it is my fault. I don't have a “disease”. What the hell is wrong with people? Didn't South Park do an episode like this about 398 years ago?