Pro-‘Duck Dynasty’ Resolution Coming to Alabama Legislature

Duck Dynasty GQ

State’s only gay lawmaker expects it to pass

At least one Alabama lawmakers stands with Phil: Republican state Sen. Jerry Fielding tells CNN he plans to introduce a symbolic resolution in support of suspended “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson.

Fielding joins many social conservatives who have backed the 68-year-old Louisiana duck hunter since he was suspended from his show for making anti-gay comments. More than 250,000 people have signed a petition,, calling on A&E to bring him back.

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Fielding said that while he didn’t agree with Robertson’s statements on race or his comparison of homosexuality to bestiality, he believes Robertson’s anti-gay position is “supported by the biblical scriptures.”

“For too long, the silent majority has remained silent when we ought to be speaking up” for the Constitutional right to free speech, Fielding told Brianna Keilar on CNN’s “Newsroom.”

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Alabama state Rep. Patricia Todd, the only openly gay lawmaker in the Alabama state legislature, told WRBC that she expects the measure to pass.

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Todd, a Democrat, said she believed Robertson has a right to express himself — but doesn’t think the issue is worth state lawmakers’ attention.

She also said she wasn’t surprised by Robertson’s remarks.

“Yes, I’ve watched “Duck Dynasty.” I thought it was quite amusing. I liked it. I still will continue to watch it,” she said. “(For) most of us, it was like no big deal. Who cares? Yes, of course he thinks that.”

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Besides comparing gay sex to bestiality, Robertson also grouped gays with “drunks” and “terrorists.” He also said the African-Americans he knew growing up in rural Louisiana were perfectly happy before Civil Rights. Robertson made the comments in an interview with GQ.

His comments on race led the Rev. Jesse Jackson to say his remarks were more offensive than those of the Alabama bus driver who ordered Rosa Parks to give up her seat to a white passenger. Jackson also demanded a meeting between his Rainbow PUSH Coalition, GLAAD, A&E, and Cracker Barrel, which initially stopped selling “Duck Dynasty” merchandise but began selling it again when customers complained.

A&E has not responded to Jackson’s request or responded to TheWrap’s requests for comment.

  • David Foster

    A@E made free speech an issue when they broke a contract and fired Phil over statements that he made to an interviewer. oh yes. this would have landed in court and Phil’s freedom to state how he feels would most definitely have been the center-point of the trial. A@E wanted no part of that can of worms.

    • Me

      Every contract has a morality clause. You say something the corporation doesn’t like they fire you. Do you stand with Martin Bashir on what he said about Sarah Palin?

      • David

        Not so fast! First, Bashir profusely apologized and then resigned in shame for his truly hateful words. Phil wasn’t calling for someone to defecate in another’s mouth – not even close! Secondly, there is the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that states an employer cannot discriminate against an employee for his religious beliefs. No “morality” clause is going to prevent someone from practicing their religion – that in itself would be illegal.

      • David Foster

        Yes I am aware of the morality clause, but it can’t be invoked as easily or as freely as you seem to think. the reason for invoking it had better be damn solid if a multi-million dollar broken contract ends up in court. martin Bashir knew that he f***ed up and accepted the consequences. he knew he couldn’t win that fight if he tried. So he didn’t. Phil spoke about himself. Phil spoke about how HE feels, and about what is sin in the eyes of God. That’s not hate speech nor is it just cause to fire him. A@E realized that they made a bad mistake legally, religiously, and in the face of THE MAJORITY of Americans who are not homo-maniacs. Did I clear up a few things for you cupcake?.

  • David Foster

    jesse Jackson has admitted to spitting in white peoples food back when he had to actually work for a living, he’s not a friend of Jewish people, and refers to new York as “Hymee-town”. the list goes on, look it up. ole’ jesse is nothing but a money grubbing publicity whore to the blacks and the self appointed “official negro” to the mainstream press.

    • Nicholas70

      Jesse Jackson is an opportunistic grievance junkie, out to stir up trouble and find a way to profitize off of it.
      He could care less about the black community. Same goes for Al Sharpton, another agitator and muckraker in it for personal gains.
      When will the blacks see how these two scam artists are hiding behind them?

      • David

        Kinda like the racist who currently occupies the White House – The Community “Agitator” in Chief…

  • Jody

    That’s right, sheep. Allow yourself to be pacified by Phil being brought back on. Allow yourself to be pacified, feeling that your right to free speech is being protected (when it was never infringed upon). Meanwhile, more states are legalizing gay marriage all of the time, and states, like Colorado and Texas, are becoming more and more purple.

    You inbreds are not in the majority anymore. You’re a loud and obnoxious minority that does not realize how ignorant you are and simply refuses to shut your damn mouth. After 8 years of Obama, you’re going to get 8 years of Hilary. 2014 may be your last stand.

    You have no idea that you have already lost…

    • Nicholas70

      So the gay/lesbo freaks of GLAAD will take over the country.
      Maybe I should invest in poppers for them.
      Also I should invest in pharmaceuticals for all their STD’s. they will spread around. At least I can make money off of their misery.
      Always some opportunity to cash in on some ones actions.

      GLAAD = Gays and Lesbians Advocating An(a)l Diseases.

      • DCP the Lesser

        I’ve been hearing rumors for a few years now about corporations secretly developing a nasal spray that can prevent same sex attraction in the first place.

        They think that the process starts from a failure in proper glutamate expression in the brains that can be cleared up by suppressing glutamates. They say that sexual orientation in fruitflies can be changed back and forth by changing the chemistry. I have seen actual medical and other scientific literature that shows this to be the case with fruitlies. They made them gay by introducing glutamates into their diet. They then switched them back to heterosexuals by removing them and suppressing glutamate expression. And the change back was permanent. These things were among the weirdest things I ever have read.

        If that holds true for humans, it would be easy to turn something like that into a nasal spray so the rumors I have heard sound very, very believable. Perhaps we can hope that the rumors are true and that one day there will be a cure for same sex attraction for those who want it. That should cut down that population considerably after a few decades.

    • Rick

      I wouldn’t get too comfortable. Christians are mobilizing in the biggest numbers ever! We were responsible for A&E reversal. This is also the biggest year of repealed gun laws! We are still the majority, that wont change for a few hundred years, if ever! Christian conservatives are 80% of the country. What most people, including yourself, don’t know, is that more than half of all Christian conservatives, don’t vote or protest, or challenge the courts. We are humble and fair, we don’t care if gays want civil unions, but reserve our right to call it sinful. Just like our adultery, drunkenness, and greed are sinful. But we ask forgiveness, we repent. But we have been pushed to far this time! The country will now see what the majority can do!

    • DCP the Lesser

      I actually am looking forward to that. Maybe this time Americans will learn. I’ll bet you were completely unaware of what the Democrats tried to do to you just a couple years ago. They tried to cause your electric rates to “skyrocket” (Obama’s own word to describe what his energy plan would have done had he succeeding in getting it passed), tried to raise the average price of gasoline to over $6/gallon, tried to make it legal for people with conflicts of interest to hold positions of oversight, tried to remove a law regulating worker and environmental safeties in the Energy Sector, etc. That would have hugely raised the cost of living on everyone and would have buried more of the middle class.

      The Democrats also tried to pass it by slipping all that into so-called jobs and veterans legislation. When Republicans in the House killed it they then used it as propaganda and told Americans, “Look! The Republicans are killing jobs and veterans legislation! We can’t work with them! The voters need to get rid of them all! so we can accomplish our goals for the bettering of America!”

      Raising the minimum wage also is another one of their ploys to garner further votes. But, they don’t tell the American public that doing that as high as they are pushing for will raise the cost of living in response a couple years following, plunging the public to a worse state than they were before. They are hoping the public will fall for it again and get angry at Republicans. If you and people like you fall for that again, you actually will get what they tried to push onto America and you will be very, very sorry as more people from the middle class (possibly including yourselves) are pushed down into the poverty classes. It is their agenda to destroy the middle class.

      They cannot remake society into their ideal of a two-class society of aristocrats and poverty-stricken slave class dependent on government until they accomplish this and collapse the economy. They do that, in part, by constant debt-spending and raising the cost of living. Add to this the destruction of the tradition family, also part of their overall agenda, relaxation of moral laws, and overregulation of businesses not supporting their agenda, and we may well eventually reach their goal for society. If you want to get a kind of preview for that kind of future society to which their agenda has the potential to reach, read the Hunger Games Trilogy. You may think I am kidding around about that but if you study every piece of legislation Democrats have passed and see the outcome and follow the logical conclusions of the patterns hidden within said legislation, you will see it, too.

      Give them what they want. Go ahead. Maybe you will learn this time around. But, something else you should be aware of is that they also are using the Gay Agenda as pawns to accomplish their purposes. Do you enjoy being a pawn in their game?

  • lisa

    why is it everytime a famous person says something about Christians its ok but let someone speak out about gays or blacks they are the ones being sued big time rap stars calls each other names or even has wrong words or killing in their song but I don’t see anyone going after them its just the Christian people that gets in trouble me personally am offened by the rappers and the songs and the hard rockers sing about drinking and smoking crack and what have it but I choose not to listen to this kind of music if you don’t like what people says you turn your ears off don’t watch or read it what phil said was to his belief and I also belive the same way in my constitution it says we are free to speak what ever we want and same sex is wrong I don’t care who you are it was your right as a gay to be out about this but don’t mean people has to like it or live like you and its our right to say so but don’t rub your ways in our face because you don’t want us to rub our Christian values in your face so there I said it im glad phil said it and I stand behind him marriage is supposed to be between man and woman sex is supposed to be man and woman if you don’t like it then fine but don’t rub it in by suing someone for saying whats right in their book

  • beautifuldayifyoubelieve

    A Contest started yesterday for someone to come up with a new acronym for GLAAD, because we all know these people are anything but Glad. It seems more HATE speech comes out of this organization that anything positive.

    • Mark james

      Really? since day one I have been writing this one

      GLADD’s New meaning… “Gays Lost Against Duck Dynasty” Where do I enter

  • Lynn

    Sunflower: if you don’t care about what Christians believe or what the Bible says why are you still on here ranting about it? When I don’t care about something I let it go and move on.

    • Rick

      Exactly! They act like they know the bible, but then say they don’t believe! Well if they didn’t believe it, why does it bug them so much? Perhaps its because they secretly do believe, and they are bad people that don’t want to hear the truth, and it pisses them off

  • Fro

    It is about homosexuality, adultery, bestiality, and other sexual sins actually being sin as stated throughout the Bible…People engaging in these practices don’t like to hear the truth that they are under God’s Judgment…Phil just stated what was written in the Bible…sin is illogical.

  • Rob Singer

    jessie jackson do not need any money … he got money all over the world … every country on the planet like mr.jackson just fine except white america ..white european .. white canada …

  • Rick

    We won!! A&E has apologized and reversed their decision, giving into pressure from the majority!! And Christian Conservatives are the majority!! Another sign of things to come!! America and the constitution is alive and well!!

  • Mark james

    Still with the INSERTED lie “for making anti-gay comments” It was anti SIN!

  • steve

    My daughter is gay and she says she’s upset with glaad. Those people keep trying to push their lifestyle on the American people. My daughter knows I don’t agree with her
    lifestyle. But I still love her and we have a great relationship. NO child should be raise by two daddies or mommies.

  • Chaeli Nayeli

    I just read another article on this God fearing reformed born again individual telling me to lock up my daughters away from his predator defenders because he believes they should be seducing my daughters into marriage before they are ready. Appears Mr. Robertson professes that you have to marry them while they are still teens or they are ruined by the time they turn 20. But hey, molesting teens and professing his followers should be doing the very same thing is his constitutional right. I’ll just make damn sure my daughters aren’t allowed anywhere near these potential child molesters.

    • DCP the Lesser

      Hmmm… Where again did you read that? Link, please.

  • DukeJW

    Christianity is under fire as outmoded, and superstitious, at least according to the libs. Conservatives don’t need to give up Christianity to complete the domination of liberalism.

  • Steve

    This man, and people of his time, are only fueling hatred towards gays in their comments. Its rather grotesque, his words. But in time, the old will roll out, and the new will roll in. Theres too many people against the hatred of homosexuals, and a far greater number in favor of them.
    So have you time, Phil. Embellish in what is free speech. Just know that such sentiments are waning, and you will be one of the last few to take them with you when you go. God Bless.

    • DCP the Lesser

      Phil Robertson did not say one thing about hating gays or trying to fuel hatred of gays. All he did was quote the Bible and make reference to its definition of sin. So many people bearing false witness these days…

  • DCP the Lesser

    With parental permission. And, he was doing a lot of joking around about “river rat counsel,” “if she picks your ducks…now that’s a real woman,” and the like, while saying what he did. But, not once did he say that girls are damaged goods or ruined after 20.

    You should watch the actual video of his sermon–the complete one, not the edited version, and stop believing the mainstream Media lies about him. The Media is angry and they are trying to do to him what they tried to do with President Bush when they made up and published all that “AWOL from the military” garbage, complete with faked documents.

    • Chaeli Nayeli

      I see. Start seducing them young and once you brainwash them into marrying you and they, “Finally turn to the ripe age of 15,” seek out their parents permission to marry them. I got you. To me, that is pedophilia. Me get a clue? If I walked in and found you attempting to seduce my little girls into marrying your pedo supporting butt, well, in my state they do take the law into their hands and out of mine. I do not watch Hippocrates or bigots sermons period. Using Bush to justify you or your religions belief in pedophilia is comparing bad apples to rotten oranges.

      • DCP the Lesser

        You need to listen to and see the actual video, to see and listen to whom he was addressing in his anecdote. He was telling a story laced with a joke. Nothing more. You want to see worse and nothing more. So, yes, you do need to get a clue instead of falling for the media hype.

        And, it looks like you do not comprehend very well what you read. I was using no one to justify anything. I was showing what the Media have done in lying and using false information to make a person look bad as an attempt to silence a person with a voice. I have stated that the Media have done this before and Americans let them get away with it. Do you not remember all the Media trying to convince Americans that a re-elected Bush would bring the Draft to our children and grandchildren, even though Bush repeatedly denied he wanted a Draft? Do you recall that this claim never happened? It was a big lie that would have made Joseph Goebbels and Adolph Hitler proud.

        Some of the Media are doing exactly the same thing in misquoting and misusing the video footage that they did to Bush. Sadly, many of them are completely willing to fabricate evidence and you and much of the public have fallen for it time and time again. Will Americans never learn? How many times to do need to be lied to before you start to figure things out?

        Find the complete actual video and watch it. He doesn’t even speak about homosexuals in that sermon. Whether you agree or not afterward, at least you will be speaking from an informed opinion rather than the one you have been conditioned to believe. Or, remain lied to and use the lie as an excuse believe your fairy tale because it suits your purposes in passing propaganda and rumors like a little gossip. Your choice.

        By the way, Hippocrates was a real person (believed to have been the source of the Hippocratic Oath regarding doing no harm in the practice of medicine). I suspect the word you were looking for was hypocrites. But, even that doesn’t really apply. A hypocrite is a person who pretends to be something s/he is not.