‘Walking Dead’ Finally Kills Someone Big (Spoilers)

'Walking Dead' Finally Kills Someone Big (Spoilers)

After introducing people just to kill them, show finally makes some big sacrifices

(Spoiler alert: You saw the headline, right? Don't read this if you don't want to know what happened on Sunday's midseason finale.)

After a season of introducing characters just to kill them, “The Walking Dead” finally killed some major players Sunday. It wasn't pretty in any sense.

Hershel Greene, the kindly farmer who joined the show in Season 2, was decapitated by The Governor, using Michonne's sword, in a slaying that set off lots of other carnage.

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Michonne later recovered her blade and drove it through The Governor's chest, and Lily appeared to shoot him. But given his Rasputin-like knack for coming back, the fact that we didn't see him die, and the ridiculousness of “The Walking Dead” of late, I'm only 99.9 percent sure he's gone.

Baby Judith, meanwhile, also seems 99.9 percent likely to be dead. Horrible. Horrible.

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And what of Meghan, the sweet girl the Governor pledged to keep alive? She died, Penny-like, by The Governor's own gun, after she was bitten by a mud monster. (Yeah, a mud monster. The show does still have its moments.)

All in all, Sunday's midseason finale provided a truly depressing end to the first half of the show's fourth season. Also, we live in a country where the most popular scripted show on TV featured an infant apparently getting eaten alive.

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There'll be much more to say about Sunday's installment on Monday morning. In the meantime, tell us in the comments below how you felt about all of the killings.

  • Seriously

    Killing Andrea, a character that is still alive in the comics after 110-plus issues, is by far the biggest death the show has ever or could ever do outside of killing Rick. Plus killing Lori last season was massive. Have you read the comics or watched this show before?!

    • Prison Mike

      Difference is Hershel was actually a beloved character on the show. And Lori and Andrea were hated and kind of annoying. So yeah, it's kind of a bigger deal. And frankly a whole lot more shocking. I saw Lori's death coming AND Andrea's. Hershel's was a shock to me and I hated every second.

      • jdb1972

        Comic book Lori was great. TV Lori was really, really annoying.

        Looks like we get the episode that should have been at the end of last season. Finally. Unfortunately, that muddled mess was what convinced me to stop watching. : Maybe when the DVD gets on Netflix.

    • BethSue

      The show and the comics are two different things and should be evaluated as such. The impact of Andrea's death on the show is determined by her presence on the show, not in the comics.

    • Sean Murdock

      It might not have been totally clear if you haven't been reading his re-caps for season four, but he was clearly talking about THIS season, not “important” deaths of previous seasons. One of Tim's main gripes about this season so far has been the over-abundance of “cannon fodder” redshirts dying, who we have no emotional attachment to. Last night changed that trend in a big way.

  • Seriously

    Also, Michonne killed Penny, not The Governor. Get your facts right or Google.

    • Bluebird

      I think you misread the sentence, dear heart. It doesn't say he killed Penny.


      OK … I saw the Govenor shoot a LiL Girl … wat was her name Friendo

  • LA viewer

    Why does the wrap always email huge spoilers when most of your viewers are LA-based? I am going to unsubscribe from your newsletters.

  • jamesclangelle

    Last year had a barnburner, this year a jailbreak.. And kids with guns, nobody's safe, not the dead, not the living. And now that the Guv is gone, who's gonna fish Pete out of the lake?

  • john

    I don't think you can compare the possibility of the Governor and Judith dying both at 99.9 percent since we see the Governor get stabbed with a Katana and shot while all we see of Judith is an empty bloody baby carrier.


    The Walking Dead is a Great Series … and I enjoy watching. The only problem I had with the show is Hershel Green. He's the only character that should have been written off long ago in season 3 after being Bitten by a Walker! His leg was amputated and he had only one leg … then in season 4 he came back and was walking around with two legs again! Wheres the continuity … I say the Govenor did us a Public Service … Now let the Games Begin!

    • Sean Murdock

      They found him a prosthetic leg — haven't you noticed him limping every time he walks?

      • MICHAEL

        Wow Sean … Really! I never noticed him limping … However if you say so then it must be True. As the Terrorist said in ” Die Hard ” … I must have missed 60 munites! LOL

        • Sean Murdock



    The Walking Dead is a Great Series … and I enjoy watching. The only
    problem I had with the show is Hershel Green. He's the only character
    that should have been written off long ago in season 3 after being
    Bitten by a Walker! His leg was amputated and he had only one leg …
    then in season 4 he came back and was walking around with two legs
    again! Wheres the continuity … I say the Govenor did us a Public Service … Now let the Games Begin!

    • Nick

      He had a prosthetic in Season 4. Which was explicitly stated. So, there's your continuity.

      • MICHAEL

        Really Nick … I didnt see it explicitly stated… However that is a explaination … Id like to Beleive! Then you gotta ask who operated and put his prosthetic in place? Anywho … its TV /
        AMC / Hollywood / Film and anything's possible. LOL

        • HardCoded

          Herschel talked about his prosthetic with Milton when the Governor and Rick were having “Peace Talks”

  • Action Movie Freak

    Are you kidding?! They killed all the tension and the better half of the show by killing off Jon Bernthal's character Shane Walsh. There was nothing worth watching anymore. I tried, but the show died for me after that.


      HaHaHa … Dont worry Shane is on the New Series ” Mob City ” as a New Bad Guy! Ain't the movie Biz Great … You can Die in the Walking Dead one day & Live again in another Production the next! LOL

  • Sean Murdock

    Not only did they kill a major character in Hershel, they killed the “moral center” of the show, which is dangerous in a world where they've lost their (relative) safety and 12-year-olds are running around with guns. Hershel was an important part of the show — father of two main characters, doctor to them all, and respected leader. The only person with close to his respect as an “elder” of the group is … Carol. Oops. They need her back, pronto — not only was she smart and resourceful and clear-headed when they needed it most, but Daryl's still mad at Rick for banishing her, and until that is resolved there can be no peace in their camp.

    As for the Governor being “99.9%” dead, there's no doubt that he's DEAD — he had a sword driven through his heart — the question is whether he is UNDEAD. Lily seemed to shoot him, and I believe she did — because she loved him (or thought she did), and to show that she fully understood the world she was living in now. (When her dad died, she and her sister had no idea the dead came back as walkers.) The reason it wasn't shown on-screen was, while they'll kill walkers in all kinds of creative, gruesome ways, they're not going to show a main character's face exploding on TV — especially BEFORE they've turned.

    As for Lilith, I'm guessing that someone will have scooped her up and gotten her on the bus. If you're living in a zombie apocalypse and there's an evacuation crisis, “Save the Baby” is second only to “Save Yourself.” I don't think she would have been left behind — the bloody carrier was just so that we are left believing that Rick and Carl think she's dead as the first half of the season ends.

    Tim, I agree with you that the beginning of the season dragged, basically introducing redshirts just so they could be sacrificed for plot development. Part of the problem I've had with the show — going back to season three — is that the new characters aren't fleshed out enough for us to CARE about them the way we care about the original group, and Hershel and Maggie. Even Tyreese and Michonne are still essentially one-dimensional — beloved because they're from the comics, but if you haven't read them, it's hard to understand why we're supposed to love them. Killing Hershel was probably the most painful death they could have chosen for last night — with Glenn apparently immortal and Daryl and Rick “untouchable” (for now), losing the beloved Dr. Grandpa hurt pretty bad.

    If there's anything I worry about with “The Walking Dead,” it's whether the people behind the scenes can get out of their own way and keep the show great for a long time. The showrunner shuffle confuses me deeply — they ax Frank Darabont because the show was getting too slow and thoughtful, so they give it to Glen Mazzara. We get the Barnpocalypse and a ratings-shattering Season 3 — everything's great, right? Apparently not — they fire Mazzara and bring in Scott Gimple, because the show was becoming too much about mayhem, with not enough character development. WTF? Darabont must have chuckled about that one.

    So Season 4 starts and “character development” includes Rick becoming a farmer and Carol turning into Dr. Kevorkian. The Carol thing was interesting, because you could really debate whether she did the right thing or not, with both sides having a legitimate argument. But we all knew the Farmer Rick act was a fake-out, and it was just a stalling tactic until events forced Rick to strap on his holster again. His protest that “I don't make the decisions anymore” when The Guv had a TANK pointed at his prison was laughable — hey, dude, when there's a TANK pointed at your infant daughter's home, you'd better START MAKING SOME FRIGGIN’ DECISIONS!

    Otherwise, we're pretty light on “character development” this season. We still don't know anything about Tyreese, other than he gets REALLY, REALLY mad at pre-emptive killings. We've seen Michonne soften a bit, but I want more from her. People need to step up and fill the void left by Hershel, and the whole group (what's left of them) need to find a new home and start over as a community. Hey, gang, how about LEAVING GEORGIA?? Doesn't seem to be working out for y'all there. I still love the show, and with these ratings it will continue forever — I just hope SOMEONE behind the scenes knows where they're going.

    P.S. — Please, Scott Gimple, don't waste another beloved actor from The Wire — give D'Angelo — I mean, Bob — something to do!

    • tim.molloy

      Totally agree on all your points. I also think David Allred nailed it above with his easier-to-shoot-each-other critique. I would have loved to see Rick, Michonne and the Gov try to live under the same roof. So much potential for real human drama. Instead we'll just get “we gotta retake the prison!”

      • Sean Murdock

        Hmm … I think we've seen the last of the prison, myself. They clearly need to find a new home, and that brief glimpse of the “walker horde” that we saw a few episodes ago hints at the dangers that await them.

      • Amdazzler

        Though the show doesn't follow the comic word for word, they did sort of stick to the comic's storyline when it came time for the governor to lay seige on the prison. He died at the end of that arc in the comic, so it only makes for him to die around the same time in the show if you ask me. I could see some of his followers agreeing to live with Rick and his group, but the governor by this point, to me anyway, was just too far gone, sort of like Shane before his death. I think the Governor would keep looking for ways to undermine Rick's authority, and in a post apocalyptic world such as this there's only so many times you can forgive someone for betraying you.

  • moviedemon

    The “Rick Unhinged Tour” is getting tired. I think the writers need to spread the character development around a little bit and give some love to the new people. You can have a big cast of characters and still give everyone their due – “Game of Thrones” is a great example.

    The subplots were just too thin and Carol getting booted out didn't make much sense to me: Rick tells the Governor that he's not the decision maker anymore – and yet just a few days earlier, he unilaterally decides to kick Carol out of the group. If there was ever a decision that should be left up to the council, removal of a long time “group elder” seems like a pretty big one.

  • David Allred

    Kind of disturbing to me to think that for some people, the only good drama can come through a blood-letting of the show's major characters. To me, it's indicative of poor writing — and very predictable writing — to have fans expecting a star to be killed every mid-season or season finale.

    Like Rick said, “Shooting each other is much easier,” than actually having to live out the human drama of diverse individuals in an apocalyptic world. Ironically, the show itself continues to opt for more “shooting each other” and in that sense, the writers and producers are unable to follow Rick's own advice (their own advice).

    • Amdazzler

      But there was no reasoning with the governor, which is why he had to go.

    • tim.molloy

      God, yes. Great comment.

    • Jimmy Reagan

      I think you're mistaking The Walking Dead with NBC's Revolution.. One has Zombies, the other doesn't (just snores)..

  • theautorisanidiot

    Why was this person tasked with writing a review of the mid-season finale. Clearly Tim Molloy is not a fan of the show, based on the obviously negative tone he took throughout the entire article. The show turned away from the comic long, long ago. This episode was one of the best so far.

  • worthymagic

    Hershel's death was very sad. Now they don't have a doctor(Carol? Where are you Carol?) anymore. Rick has a bullet in his leg. Maybe they'll have to cut it off? Not likely There are still at least 8-10 of the group still at the prison(and the walkers are coming in). They better take as much of the ammunition and guns as they can. Now that Lilly killed the governor(I think that was her) will she join the group? Will she be eaten by the walkers? Stay tuned Everyone! P.S. I was sad when they killed off Andrea. You would think that the big names stars wouldn't die. On this show, anyone and everyone can die(except for Rick and maybe Darryl).

  • w16521

    I do not understand why this show is so popular. It is so badly written.

  • Jimmy Reagan

    I couldn't disagree more with Tim's assessments. He IS aware this IS a zombie series, right, and not some CBS happy family channel comedy, or garbage like NBC's Grim or Revolution, right? I mean, it's supposed to be gritty and suspenseful and it's not a happy world, so yeah, it's all depressing…IT'S ZOMBIES..The only rule is to stay alive..and zombies don't discriminate between young or old; if someone leaves a baby unattended – zombie food.. I'm not saying I think they should show kids getting eaten, but again, this isn't ABC's Last Man Standing – it's the Walking dead.. So, why is it unthinkable that a baby could get eaten?? I also wouldn't call this a horrible season..The governor episodes were a bit drawn out, but once you see the climax, you understand and it's forgivable….Last night's mid season finale was definitely action packed and why I love this series..
    My only gripe is that the show just came back less than 2 months ago and now it's a mid season finale?? Look, this series is the most successful in cable history… amc, with all the money they make world wide and they (amc) recently said this show would probably be around and going strong in 10 years, should be looking at ways of increasing the number of episodes each season..or at least doing double episodes here and there, not taking so many hiatuses..
    One last thing, I hope and know Carol is not gone, since the name of actress who plays her is still listed in the opening credits.. Normally, once an actor is gone, so is their credit..

  • T Dog T

    I'm sorry. Do you guys not realize that this is a dream sequence? None of it happened. The only question is, whose dream is it? I would say the Governors aka Philip Blake aka Brian Blake. I think it would be a little too coincidental that the Governors girlfriend's name is Lilly which was also Penny's mother's name.

  • Marion

    Lori is still alive..Remember zombies don't eat bones..and poor Hershel He will be missed….Ricks daughter is still alive I'm sure.

  • Marion

    As a big time zombie fan…I saw every zombie movie, when do you see a zombie with a pop belly the bones did not stick out lol..so where did they go..

  • Marion

    Think about it fans

  • Marion

    And for poor Hershel they had to take him off…Sorry to say but if the prison was taken over how would Hershel live he can't run on a one wood leg..We all know that.