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Adam Driver Faced His Real-Life Fears of Quicksand in ’65': ‘I Had a Terror as a Kid’ (Video)

He was right to be scared

“65,” in theaters now, stars Adam Driver as a spaceman who crash lands on a hostile alien world.

Except that, while Driver might be a futuristic traveler, he is actually living 65 million years in the past and winds up on an Earth that is crawling with dinosaurs (literally, those suckers can crawl!) And all of his technological know-how and high-tech gadgetry aren’t going to save him this time. Oh, and he crash lands right before the asteroid that killed all the dinosaurs is going to slam into the planet. So there’s something of a ticking clock as well.

TheWrap spoke to Driver, who is more likely to be found in thoughtful character pieces like Noah Baumbach’s “Marriage Story” or “White Noise,” about what the appeal was for him. (Watch the video above.)

“Lots of things – dinosaurs, laser guns, prehistoric earth. And that it was big and had a massive spectacle and it was a family movie, where everybody could go see it. But it didn’t wimp out in terms of being a character-driven movie. There’s not a lot of dialogue so the metaphors were really obvious about two people processing grief at the same time,” Driver explained about what brought him to “65.”

Driver also gets to, quite memorably, get trapped in quicksand during the course of “65,” something that seems to happen only in movies and TV shows. And Driver confessed to a childhood fear of getting trapped in quicksand.

“I remember when I was a kid, everybody got trapped in quicksand. I’d watch reruns of ‘Zorro’ and I feel like Zorro was trapped in quicksand. Everybody was trapped in quicksand. It went through a phase,” Driver said. “I had a terror as a kid because I’d seen so many people in quicksand. I was like, Oh f— is this a problem I’m going to have to face in life?”

Watch Adam Driver get trapped in quicksand in “65,” in theaters now.