8 Questions With ‘Portlandia’ Star Fred Armisen: Emmy Nominee Quickie

The actor received his first Emmy nomination for supporting actor in a comedy series

Fred Armisen Portlandia Emmy Nomination Quickie

Fred Armisen is finally getting acknowledged for his comedic chops after 11 nomination-less years on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

While he was previously nominated for his work behind-the-scenes as a writer on IFC sketch show, “Portlandia,” this year marks the first time he received a nomination for his acting on the show, one of the most deserving nominations to come out of this year’s Emmy awards.

Armisen is up against some big competition in the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy category, including Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Ty Burrell from “Modern Family” and “Veep’s” Tony Hale, last year’s winner. Will 2014 be his year?

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With the countdown to this year’s award show winding down, the nominee participated in TheWrap‘s Emmy nominee Q&A quickie about his experience on the show this season and why everyone should watch “Portlandia.”

TheWrap: What was the toughest thing you had to do this season?
Fred Armisen: No days are tough. I’m lucky to get to do anything like this at all.

What was the most fun thing you had to do this season?
We shot on this houseboat that looked like an abstract version of a giant log. That was a lot of fun. I think I haven’t been on many houseboats in my life.

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Let’s assume that somebody has never seen your show. What would you say to persuade them to watch it?
It’s easy to watch. We made it so that there isn’t any heavy history in the scenes. You can jump in anywhere.

You’re an Emmy voter, but you can’t vote for yourself or your show. Who’s at the top of your ballot?
Everyone is equally great. I am a fan of it all. Everyone. I am not exaggerating. I am so into watching TV.

If you could play any other role on any other show, what would it be?
One of those bankers on “Game of Thrones.” Do you know who I mean? Stannis had to go to these bankers to help finance his army, and I thought that was so cool.

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What was the last TV show you binge-watched? How many episodes did you see in a sitting?
“True Detective.” I guess like, two?

Which episode was submitted for your Emmy nomination?
“The Pull Out King”

Is this the Golden Age of Television?
It’s A Golden Age of Television. There were others. But this one is pretty great and a lot of fun.

The 66th annual Emmy Awards will be held on Monday, Aug. 25 at 8 ET/5 PT.