Adam DeVine on Shooting Season 2 of Comedy Central’s ‘House Party’: ‘I Was Definitely Drunk a Lot’

The busy star talks being the boss on two shows, lessons learned from the “Modern Family” crew and tells TheWrap he worried “Pitch Perfect” would be his “Gigli”

Adam Devine House Party

Incredibly, Adam DeVine found 20 minutes in his ridiculously busy schedule to chat with TheWrap about Season 2 of his Comedy Central show, “Adam DeVine‘s House Party,” which debuts on Tuesday.

Last year, DeVine — who also stars in Comedy Central’s “Workaholics,” the “Pitch Perfect” films, and regularly guests on ABC’s “Modern Family” — and his friends filmed their scripted stand-up show in Los Angeles. For this season, DeVine rented a bar in New Orleans and “just sort of raged.”

“We were in New Orleans, so I was definitely drunk a lot of times,” DeVine admitted to TheWrap. “But I’m the boss, so I can’t be too drunk — I have to make a lot of decisions.”

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It’s true. Aside from starring in, DeVine also writes and produces every episode of his self-titled “House Party.” He even sits in on every edit. Furthermore, DeVine introduces every comic on his faux stand-up show and explains each scripted premise to its live audience.

“I love stand-up, and I come from that world,” he explained as his reason for creating the show. “And it’s kind of a cool way to keep one foot in as I’m so busy with all of the other stuff I’m doing.”

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DeVine didn’t want to just do another stand-up comedy show, which Comedy Central clearly has covered. Rather, he wanted to use his name and influence to help his stand-up comic pals land legitimate acting roles.

When DeVine started out in stand-up, there were few options for him and his lesser-known pals. So he created one, which is doing pretty well. “I’m not big at looking at the ratings, but if I had to guess, [‘House Party’] is No. 1,” the comedian joked. “That football and that ‘Two & a Half Men’ ain’t got nothing on a 12:30 (a.m.) Comedy Central show.”

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Still, like much in comedy, “Adam DeVine‘s House Party” comes down to individual taste. Though maybe not entirely in this case: “If you like what I do, you’ll probably like this,” DeVine said. “And if you hate what I do, there’s still some really funny stand-ups on it.”

In the second season debut, one of those other comedians brings DeVine a weed-infused king cake. Naturally, he breaks a tooth on the first bite by chomping into the baby figurine inside. To numb the pain, he chugs absinthe. And then it gets weird from there. But you’ll have to watch to see it through.

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Should there be a third year, Las Vegas is a location option, DeVine said — as is Colorado, since marijuana is legal there. He also may do a big circus theme. DeVine has a lot of ideas, he promised — and the ball is in Comedy Central’s court.

If there’s no third season, DeVine won’t be hurting for work. He’s back on the Emmy Award-winning “Modern Family” this upcoming run, when he says his on-screen relationship with actress Sarah Hyland will continue to grow.

On a side note, that side gig is great for another reason: “It’s kind of cool to come in, because on ‘Workaholics’ and on ‘House Party,’ I’m the boss, I’m the one in control,” DeVine said. “It’s kind of cool to come onto a set like ‘Modern Family’ and just see how they run it and really how smooth everything works — you’re like, ‘Oh, this is how it’s really done.’”

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And on the wrapped “Pitch Perfect 2,” DeVine teased: “Bumper the bad boy of acapella is back!” He followed up with, “And please print that. That is so stupid.”

That role, which seems like perhaps the biggest out-of-character project that DeVine has taken on, almost didn’t happen. While DeVine loved the script of the original “Pitch Perfect,” he was hesitant to make it his debut movie, he told TheWrap.

“Am I making the first huge mistake of my career?” he debated both with his agents and internally. “Am I coming out of the gates with ‘Gigli?’”

Clearly, “Gigli,” it was not. But still, “This is a whole new world,” DeVine summed up. That part is accurate.

Season 2 of “Adam DeVine’s House Party” kicks off Tuesday, Sept. 9 at 10:30 p.m. The show’s regular timeslot is technically early Friday mornings at 12:30 a.m.