Avengers Multiverse Attraction That Imagines a World Where Thanos Won Is Coming to Disney California Adventure

Get ready to meet King Thanos

Avengers Multiverse

Today at the D23 Expo, Josh D’Amaro, the handsome chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, led guests on a tour of the future of the Disney Parks. During the lengthy presentation, several new “Frozen” lands being built at the international parks were detailed, an announcement was made about a forthcoming Disney Cruise Line ship and potential expansions of Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom were fuzzily alluded to. But one thing that seems very concrete and will be coming sooner rather than later to Disney California Adventure, part of the Disneyland resort in Anaheim, California, is a new Avengers attraction themed around that pesky multiverse.

When the Avengers Campus was initially announced, there were plans for a third attraction (to join Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout and WEB Slingers). This attraction was to be based around an adventure the Avengers go on to Wakanda. At the time, “Black Panther” was the biggest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie and there seemed to be many more installments that the attraction could draw from. This was, of course, before the untimely passing of Chadwick Boseman, the unexpected shutdown of the park due to the pandemic and before the introduction of the multiverse, which will have a presence in everything from “Loki” to future Avengers movies.

On Friday, during the Disney Legends panel, Bob Chapek first announced the new attraction. Now, we have some more details.

D’Amaro was joined on stage by Kevin Feige, who besides producing all of the Marvel Studios movies and being the president of Marvel Studios, is one of the world’s biggest Disney Parks geeks. He frequently wears hats emblazoned with Disney Parks icons and his office has a scale replica of Disneyland that has to be seen to be believed. Together, one of the big innovations of Avengers Campus has been new characters walking around, almost after every new Marvel Studios project. Guests go see the movie or watch the show and then can immediately hug the characters. It’s been pretty amazing.

“This has always been our vision for Avengers Campus – we want more stories, we want more heroes, more villains and we want more land to play with too. You spun fans into a frenzy this summer when you announced the Multiverse Saga of films,” D’Amaro said. “And then you gave us even more amazing intel yesterday. That’s why I’m thinking we should give our D23 fans a preview for our plans to the park. Now we’re bringing the Multiverse to Avengers Campus. Now working with your team, Imagineers have come up with a concept that is entirely new.”

“The fun thing about Marvel is the characters,” Feige agreed. “In this new attraction, you’re going to be able to fight alongside all of the Avengers against all of the villains. And you’re going to meet a new character called King Thanos. This is a Thanos that won. And the Avengers are not too happy about that. And you have to help them.”

Concept art was then shared of a multitude of heroes (including Moon Knight, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Thor, Daredevil, Captain Carter, She-Hulk and Werewolf by Night) facing off against a new version of Thanos, with a big white beard, a big spiky crown and even more attitude.

No timetable for the new attraction has been given and a name has yet to be finalized. But let us hope that we get to experience this attraction sooner rather than later. It looks like the Avengers could use our help.