Adapting International TV Series Works Best When Creating ‘Bespoke Experiences,’ BBC Studios’ Valerie Bruce Says

Office With a View: The Los Angeles Productions general manager unpacks adapting British comedies like “Ghosts” for American audiences

Valerie Bruce (BBC Studios)

BBC Studios Los Angeles Productions general manager Valerie Bruce believes that adapting international TV for American audiences works best when creating “bespoke experiences” unique to the new market.

Speaking with TheWrap for this week’s Office With a View, the executive cites projects like CBS’ hit sitcom “Ghosts,” which just landed a Season 4 renewal, as a series that began in the U.K. before finding its footing in the States.

“Each project has its own unique bespoke experience,” Bruce told TheWrap. “One thing that the team is really good at doing is being able to look at a format from another territory and to look at the U.S.


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