New ‘Black Adam’ Trailer Electrifies Hall H at Comic-Con (Video)

The Rock’s DC superhero film from New Line Cinema will open in theaters Oct. 21, 2022

Dwayne Johnson delivered as promised and electrified the Hall H crowd at Comic-Con on Saturday with the latest trailer for “Black Adam.” Watch it above:

In the clip, we see shots of archaeologists entering a tomb that we’ve seen in concept art before. And then, things get.. explosive. And we also see the return of Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), in case you’re curious.

“My powers are not a gift, but a curse, born out of rage,” Black Adam says.

Meanwhile, Dr. Fate says “we don’t need passports — we’re the justice society.”

And yep, Black Adam makes sure everyone knows “I kneel before no one.”

The trailer was preceded by a non-trailer sizzle reel featuring the film’s characters, followed by a cool animation of Black Adam floating down into the room, plus a VERY dramatic entrance by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in character as Black Adam.

Once onstage, he told the crown that they locked the final cut of the film only last night (Friday, July 22), which of course makes the panel even more special.

“That was some cool s—,” Johnson said after making his entrance. We agree, actually.

Describing the effort it took to get the film made, Johnson said, “it has been a long journey, one that has been furled with passion, with grit, with commitment. To be here at Comic-Con in Hall H representing Black Adam is truly a dream come true.”

“To be here today to watch Black Adam levitate like he was passing out candy, it was a dream come true,” he continued.

Later, Aldis Hodge, who plays Hawkeye, described the moment when Johnson called him about the role “one of the most epic moments in my career.”

Later when asked who would win in a fight between Superman and Black Adam, Johnson said they’re both evenly matched, “pound for pound,” so it would “probably” depend on who actually plays the Man of Steel.

Previously at CinemaCon, Johnson said that he’s been discussing the idea of “Black Adam” for the last 10 years. He described the Black Adam character as “Dirty Harry” of the superhero world.

Plot details about “Black Adam” — the second New Line DC film following 2019’s critical and cult hit “SHAZAM!” — are still largely under wraps. But it’s known that Black Adam will face off against the Justice Society superhero team.

The first look at how the Justice Society will appear onscreen came two summer during the first installment of DC FanDome, courtesy of two “Black Adam” teasers introduced by Johnson, back in 2020. The clips, which were motion-comics created entirely using concept art, explained that Black Adam was once a member of an advanced ancient civilization chosen by the Council of Wizards — the same group whose last surviving member gave Billy Batson his powers in 2019’s “Shazam!” — to liberate his people from slavery.

However, Black Adam’s brand of Justice was too cruel and vindictive and in response, the Council imprisoned him, seemingly for all eternity. But 5,000 years later, he escapes — and yeah, now we know how — and sets out to continue what he started. This time, superheroes have emerged, and four of them — Cyclone, Atom Smasher, Dr. Fate and Hawkman — unite as the Justice Society to challenge Black Adam. 

Johnson produces and stars in “Black Adam,” which is his live-action entry into the DC universe and reunites him with “Jungle Cruise” director Jaume Collet-Serra. The film also stars Pierce Brosnan, Sarah Shahi, Noah Centineo and Aldis Hodge as members of the Justice Society.

Black Adam was created by Otto Binder and C. C. Beck in 1945 as the one-time opponent of Shazam (Captain Marvel) during the character’s Fawcett comics era. Following DC Comics’ acquisition and revival of “Shazam” in 1973, Black Adam emerged as one of the DC universe’s most popular antiheroes and is now considered one of Shazam’s core arch enemies.

Warner Bros. and DC are now releasing the film in theaters on October 21, 2022.