One-Season Wonders: How High Is Demand for Canceled TV Shows? | Chart

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“The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance,” “Dexter: New Blood” and “Lovecraft Country” are among canceled series with the highest demand

Jonathan Majors Jurnee Smollett Lovecraft Country

The practice of networks and streaming platforms canceling shows after just one season has become increasingly prevalent. In some instances, not only are further seasons not produced, but the original season is also removed from the platform’s lineup. Although this often provokes frustration among fans, companies typically justify these cancellations citing reasons such as cost reduction, creative shifts, and, most notably, the show’s failure to sufficiently capture audience attention.

To understand the factors behind these one-season cancellations, we can look at Parrot Analytics’ demand data. By comparing the average demand for shows canceled after one season against those renewed for additional seasons, a significant disparity is evident across various platforms.


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