‘Bookie’ Trailer Showcases Payoff of Chuck Lorre’s Olive Branch With Charlie Sheen (Video)

Sebastian Maniscalco stars in the dark comedy series that debuts Nov. 30 on Max

The trailer for Chuck Lorre’s new dark comedy “Bookie” is finally here, and it showcases the efforts of the mega producer’s olive branch with Charlie Sheen 12 years after the infamous flameout that forced Lorre to fire him from “Two and a Half Men.”

“What if I make this right with some baseball memorabilia?” Sheen says in a guest starring role as a troubled sports gamber in the new trailer. “Guys, I’ve got Babe Ruth’s autopsy report.”

“I’m going to tell you something I never told a client ever,” replies Sebastian Maniscalco, who stars as veteran Los Angeles bookie Danny. “You shouldn’t bet on sports.”

In the trailer for the Max series, Maniscalco’s Danny is also forced to adjust his business by entering into the lucrative world of sports betting as California mulls legalizing sports gambling.

To help him keep his business afloat, Danny employs an eccentric group of hustlers, including his best friend and former NFL player Ray (Omar J. Dorsey), side-hustling sister Lorraine (Vanessa Ferlito), and reformed drug dealer Hector (Jorge Garcia).

“Only a matter of time before California legalizes sports betting,” Hector tells Danny and Ray in the trailer, to which Danny replies “If and when, whats our edge?”

“That you extend credit to low-life degenerates?” Lorraine answered, before Danny defended himself by saying “I have personal relationships with my clients.”

Clearly the crew is doing something right as they tally up loads of cash, with only a couple mishaps and hospital visits along the way.

Lorre and Sheen’s professional reunion comes over a decade after the pair’s public falling out, which was prompted by Sheen insulting Lorre extensively, and resulted in his firing from the CBS comedy. His role in “Two and a Half Men” was replaced by Ashton Kutcher.

With no communication between the former friends since the incident, Lorre’s idea to reconnect with Sheen for “Bookie” came as a shock to cocreator Nick Bakay, according to a report from Variety. Lorre subsequently contacted Sheen’s representation and the pair got back in touch and made amends with one another, leading to Sheen’s small role in the show.

The official logline is as follows: “Danny must contend with his increasingly unstable clients as he tries to settle their debts – all while making plenty of risky bets of his own. Full of relatable mishaps, Bookie chronicles one man’s journey to adapt to an ever-changing world as he attempts to charm and con his way to the top.”

In addition to Maniscalco, Dorsey, Ferlito and Garcia, “Bookie” rounds out its cast with Andrea Anders and Maxim Swinton.

“Bookie” premieres its first two episodes Nov. 30 on Max, with two additional episodes from its eight-episode season dropping every Thursday.

Hailing from Warner Bros. Television, Lorre and Bakay created, wrote and produce “Bookie,” with executive producers for the series including Maniscalco, Judi Marmel and Andy Tennant, who also served as a director on multiple episodes.

You can watch the full trailer above.


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