Damar Hamlin Says NFL Return Is ‘Always the Goal’: ‘I’m Allowing That to Be in God’s Hands’ (Video)

The Buffalo Bills player, who suffered cardiac arrest in January, acknowledged his recovery would be a “long road”

Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin is on the road to recovery after suffering cardiac arrest in January, but the athlete is already thinking about the possibility of one day returning to the field.

Hamlin told Good Morning America host Michael Strahan on Monday that medical professionals are leaving the choice up to him.

“It’s a tough situation because they can’t really tell. It’s an up-to-me thing, I guess,” he explained. “They were just worrying about trying to get me back to normal.”

When asked directly if he wants to return to playing, Hamlin replied: “Eventually, that’s always the goal … But I’m allowing that to be in God’s hands.”

In terms of his recovery, the footballer noted that he’s been “doing great,” but acknowledged that it would be a “long road” to get back to normal health.

“Every morning, every night, I take 10 deep breaths to myself and it puts everything in perspective for me,” he said.

When talking to Strahan about the incident, Hamlin said it’s “something that I don’t really want to get that deep into, in the details of.”

“It was a crazy feeling — something I couldn’t really describe,” he said about watching the replay. “Something I’m still processing, something I’m trying to work through.”

While the timeline for his return to the field remains unclear, Hamlin is teaming up with the American Heart Association in an effort to make a positive impact.

“We’re trying to get 3 million people to apply and learn CPR, and that’s something I feel is important because it really did save my life that night,” he said. 

Watch the full “Good Morning America” interview in the video above.