Ryan Reynolds Floods X With Hilariously Fake ‘Deadpool 3’ Set Photos in Effort to Stem Spoilers

Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are joined by Mickey Mouse and Urkel in shocking (and fake) “leaks” from the London set

Disney/Marvel Studios

Earlier this week, Ryan Reynolds took to social media to ask fans and websites to stop posting spoilery “Deadpool 3” set photos to save the sequel’s big surprises for when the film hits theaters next year. Now, Reynolds is actively combatting the leaks in a hilarious way.

In a series of posts on X, Reynolds “leaked” set photos from “Deadpool 3” that find himself and co-star Hugh Jackman in the presence of Mickey Mouse, the Predator and Urkel to name a few. There’s even a reference to iconic “SNL” and “Late Night With Seth Meyers” cue card legend Wally.

“Deadpool began with a leak. So I’m joining in. But PLEASE don’t overuse the phrase, ‘Deadpool Leaks’ because it might screw up search results if anyone is looking for Deadpool leaks or Deadpool spoilers or perhaps, Deadpool Scoops,” Reynolds said on X, gaming the algorithm for that specific search phrase.

Indeed the first “Deadpool” did begin with a leak as the R-rated film gained momentum and finally earned a greenlight only after test footage leaked online and fans went rabid, convincing 20th Century Fox to take a chance on the fourth-wall-breaking superhero film – albeit with a tight budget. It grossed over $780 million worldwide.

“Deadpool 2” was no slouch with $785 million worldwide, and now “Deadpool 3” aims to be the biggest of them all as the sequel will bring Reynolds’s character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time as a result of Disney’s 20th Century Fox acquisition.

Shawn Levy, who directed Reynolds in “Free Guy” and “The Adam Project,” is directing the new film which brings Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine into the fold while respecting the character’s emotional conclusion in 2017’s Fox release “Logan.” Fans expect the introduction of the multiverse to the MCU to result in a number of surprising cameos in “Deadpool 3,” hence the set photo dilemma.

Check out some of Reynolds’ posts below. Production resumed in London after the actors’ strike concluded, and “Deadpool 3” is now set to be the only Marvel Studios release in 2024 when it hits theaters on July 26, 2024.


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