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Trump Jr Trounced for Jimmy Carter-Joe Biden One-Term Dig

”Biden isn’t the next FDR,“ tweets former president’s son. ”He’s the next Jimmy Carter“

Donald Trump Jr. faced immediate backlash Friday for trying to own not only current President Joe Biden, but also former President Jimmy Carter.

“Biden isn’t the next FDR he’s the next Jimmy Carter,” wrote former president Donald Trump’s son on Twitter, a platform from which his father is banned.

Although Trump junior seemingly was suggesting that Biden would become a one-term president like Carter, who served from 1977-1981, social media took him to task and schooled him on Carter’s accomplishments… and integrity. (Never mind the fact that Trump Sr. also lost his bid for re-election.)

“I cannot think of a nicer compliment than to be compared to Jimmy Carter,” replied political commentator Travis Akers. “An honorable, compassionate, and loving Christian man, loyal to his bride, Jimmy Carter is still teaching Sunday School and building homes for Habitat for Humanity in his 90s.”

Other replies were less charitable.

“Your father created fewer jobs than Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter didn’t kill 500,000 Americans. Preisdent Carter didn’t try to [overthrow the government] when he lost,” wrote Democratic activist Chris Hahn, referring to Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic as well as the deadly Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol that his supporters instigated when he lost to Biden.

Former Tea Party congressman Joe Walsh continued his newfound pattern of criticizing right-wing figureheads, writing, “Hey Jr, I don’t know about that, but I do know that Biden beat your daddy pretty soundly.”

“God, are you still a thing? I had blissfully forgotten you even existed for a couple months there,” mused author Michael Marshall Smith. “Also, Jimmy Carter is ten times the man your father is, and twenty times the man you’ll ever be.”

The younger Trump was defensive. After Carter’s name began trending on the micro-blogging platform, he seized on the description Twitter provided for the trend, which said users were “confused” by his comparison.

“Anyone who is supposedly ‘confused,’ by my below tweet should probably read the awful Biden job report out today, then take a peek at the rising prices of raw materials that we’re seeing and then finally google ‘Jimmy Carter inflation’….Things will make a lot more sense to you!” he wrote.

As far as the jobs report released Friday by the Labor Department, the economy added 266,000 jobs in April, falling far below the million jobs economists expected.

“Our efforts are starting to work. But the climb is steep, and we’ve got a long way to go,” Biden said in response to the report. “We’re still digging out of an economic collapse that cost us 22 million jobs.”