‘Extraction 2’ Director Sam Hargrave Breaks Down One of the Movie’s Most Bone-Crunching Scenes: ‘Bad Things Happen’ (Exclusive Video)

The filmmaker walks TheWrap through the film’s fight sequence on top of the glass gym, punch-by-punch

If you’ve seen “Extraction 2” (now streaming on Netflix), you know that it’s stuffed with even more edge-of-your-seat, bone-crunching, glass-breaking action. (It really is.) Chris Hemsworth returns as Tyler Rake, recovering from his seemingly mortal wounds in the first movie and taking on an even more death-defying mission. The stunts are bigger, the camerawork more dazzling (there a truly unbelievable prison break sequence captured as one unbroken take) and the choreography even more impressive.

In fact, we were so impressed with “Extraction 2” that we had director Sam Hargrave (returning from the first film) walk us through one of the most impressive bits of action – a fight sequence that takes place in and on top of a glass-enclosed gym in an European high-rise. (You can watch it here.)

“This building is on the newer side of Vienna, Austria. We loved it because it was this lone skyscraper. Originally the plan was to shoot this for real on top of this building,” Hargrave explained. “However at this time of year the winds in Vienna are up to 40 knots. That’s really freakin’ windy. So we were forced to shoot a lot of plates and build a set in Prague. We built 70% of it and are three stories off the ground.”

And if you’re wondering how much of the sequence is actually Chris Hemsworth, it turns out it was almost always him.

“Hemsworth does 99% of his action stuff. Only when it’s repetitive or too dangerous, because it’s a long haul for him. It’s a marathon. Whenever possible, he’s doing the action,” Hargrave said. Hargrave also lets us know what it’s called when the stuntman falls on the treadmill (simulating breaking his neck) – it’s called a “scorpion fall.” Bring that one up at your next cocktail party and tell them where it came from.

“Extraction 2” is streaming on Netflix now.