Fabel Entertainment President Wants to Build a ‘Universe’ Around Hits Like ‘Bosch,’ Not Just a Single Show

Office With a View: Melissa Aouate says her production company is embracing new voices while the industry clings to familiar IP

Fabel Entertainment Melissa Aouate.
Fabel Entertainment partner and president Melissa Aouate. (TheWrap)

Melissa Aouate, a partner and the president of Fabel Entertainment, the production company behind Amazon Prime Video’s “Bosch” and Amazon Freevee’s “Bosch: Legacy,” isn’t overly concerned if you’ve never written for television before. She still wants to hear what you have to say. After all, there could be the seed for a multichapter, multiplatform television franchise like “Bosch” in there somewhere, which is exactly the type of scope and ambition the banner is harvesting.

Fabel Entertainment isn’t scared by first-time creators. On the contrary, the production company is on the hunt for fresh voices. Even as the tidal wave of content consumers have been hit with in the Peak TV era has seemingly covered every square inch of creative territory, Fabel is eager to craft diverse stories that haven’t yet enjoyed their time in the digital sun.