Fandom CEO to Streamers: Find Your Franchise and Extend the Experience Beyond the Screen

Office With a View: Meal delivery, anyone? Yes, the content is important but being creative with the brand is too, says Perkins Miller 

Fandom CEO Perkins Miller (Fandom, Christopher Smith/TheWrap)

Streamers are increasingly looking for ways to attract and retain subscribers and fan platform Fandom, which regularly surveys its 300 million monthly users about their streaming preferences, is happy to share its insights about what users want.

In April, Fandom released its second-annual State of Streaming study. Powered by the results of its global study of users, the report dives deep into fan behavior to uncover why consumers cancel their subscriptions, what it takes to retain them and how streaming services can drive platform loyalty and differentiate themselves to avoid churn (when customers sign up for a specific series or movie and then cancel once they’ve watched it).