Weigel Broadcasting Exec on the Return-to-Antennas Trend: ‘Younger People Think It’s an Illegal Hack’

Office With a View: The media company’s vice chairman, Neal Sabin, discusses how nostalgia TV grew during the pandemic

Weigel Broadcasting vice chairman Neal Sabin

Cutting the cord on pay-TV subscriptions in favor of streaming services isn’t new anymore. Neither are antennas and over-the-air programming. But for those who never quite lived in the antenna age, it’s been quite the discovery.

“There’s some great anecdotal stories of how millennials and younger people think it’s an illegal hack,” Neal Sabin, Weigel Broadcasting vice chairman, told TheWrap for this week’s edition of Office With a View.

“They grew up with cable, and it’s like how can something like this be free?” Sabin explained. “And then you just have to roll your eyes and say, ‘Let me tell you how things started.