Streamers Find New Life in the ‘FAST’ Lane: Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV Is Growing, Well, Fast | Video

WrapPRO Roundtable: Streaming with advertisements represents ”the most exciting and certainly the fastest growth I’ve seen out of a vertical since I’ve been in the business,“ one veteran entertainment exec says

Think FAST: Streaming experts told TheWrap they expect that the looming recession will cause the streaming industry to merge even more quickly into the new lane where it’s already heading: Free ad-supported streaming television — FAST for short. The list of FAST networks includes such entities as Pluto, Tubi and Amazon’s Freevee.

As premium subscription streaming services scramble to expand to ad-supported tiers to offset the loss of subscribers and slower-than-predicted growth (hello, Netflix and Disney+), industry players and dealmakers observe that FAST — long stereotyped as a haven for a financially struggling Gen Z audience to enjoy dusty network reruns for free — is poised to integrate access to premium content into their mix without the hefty price tag.

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Diane Haithman

Diane Haithman

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