How Hulu Came to Dominate Animation | Charts

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Netflix and Crunchyroll round out the top three destinations for animated programming

Fry risks permanent insanity when he attempts to binge-watch every TV show ever made in the "Futurama" season premiere. (Matt Groening/Hulu)

Hulu has been making targeted investments to build out its animation catalog and recently created a dedicated “Animayhem” hub on its service for its adult animation and anime content. Fox’s “Animation Domination” predates the streaming wars and Hulu is continuing that tradition by leaning into the strength of its animation programming, including many of the long-running shows that formed the cornerstone of Fox’s programming block.

In a sign of how far Hulu has come in its push to dominate the adult animation landscape, eight of the 10 most in-demand adult animation series in the past year were available to stream on Hulu.