How Crunchyroll Is Beating the Competition in Anime Streaming – Even Netflix

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Despite efforts by AMC, Disney and others to cash in on Japanese animation, the Sony-backed service is years ahead of rivals, experts tell TheWrap

Anime Streaming Story Crunchyroll
Crunchyroll is years ahead of other streamers in the anime game. (Getty, Christopher Smith/TheWrap)

Netflix, AMC and Disney are going after the increasingly lucrative and global anime market, seeing it as a way to broaden their appeal to younger audiences, but Crunchyroll remains the most versatile and formidable anime streamer in the arena, according to experts, who say it would take “years” for the streaming giants to get anywhere close to the Sony-backed company’s “borderline monopoly” status.

It’s not for lack of trying: Between splashy partnerships, expensive acquisitions and attempts to find a seat within the tight-knit Japanese production committee system, streamers are pushing hard against Crunchyroll. While none are quite ready to go up against Sony’s all-in-one anime streaming empire, the recent business moves rivals have made could even out the playing field over time.