Disney CEO Bob Iger Is Open to Selling Hulu – But Finding a Buyer Will Be a Challenge | Analysis

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Experts floated a variety of scenarios for the streamer to TheWrap — from a deal with Comcast to tech giants Apple, Amazon, Alphabet or Microsoft


Wall Street speculation over Hulu’s fate has ramped up in recent weeks after Disney CEO Bob Iger said in February that all options are on the table, including a potential sale of the company’s majority stake to the highest bidder. But who has the finances and the need to buy a domestic streamer?

TheWrap spoke to a range of experts about who might potentially buy Disney’s two-third stake in Hulu. The options range from Comcast — which owns the remaining third — to tech giants Apple, Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft. Or, some said, Disney could keep it in some form, either buying out Comcast or restructuring its deal.