Jamie Lee Curtis Says ‘Of Course’ She’d Star in a Marvel Movie After Mocking ‘Doctor Strange’

“I would find it hard to imagine that Marvel’s going to figure out something to do with a 64-year-old woman,” actress says

Jamie Lee Curtis Marvel
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Jamie Lee Curtis is putting an end to her one-sided, not-really-a-feud internet feud with Marvel, saying that “of course” she would be interested in starring in a Marvel movie should Kevin Feige and company come calling.

The comments from Curtis come after earlier this year she mocked the release of “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” joking that the poster for the film was a “copycat” of her movie, the acclaimed “Everything Everywhere All at Once” that’s also about the multiverse. Curtis had playfully joked that the A24 film’s budget was less than the craft service budget on “Doctor Strange 2” and that their film out-did the big budget superhero movie, and she closed one of her posts with the hashtag #guessiwillneverbecastinamarvelmovie.

But she told People in an interview on Thursday that she has nothing against Marvel as an entity and has seen many of their films, only that she was trying to stir up a “little friendly competition” between the two multiverse movies.

“What I was trying to talk about was it doesn’t have to be a Marvel movie in order to be a spectacle and to really move you,” Curtis said. “And you can’t have a company called Marvel without somebody making fun of it and calling it Marvel-less. I mean, I think we out-marveled Marvel.”

While there might be some universe out there where Curtis is starring in a Marvel property, in this one, she “can’t imagine that they will ever come calling because I kicked up some dust,” but she’s keeping an open mind.

“I’m a collaborating artist. I work with a lot of people on a lot of different things, and if the role was interesting and if I could bring what I do to it, of course I would [work with Marvel]. What am I going to do, say no? Of course!” she said. “But I would find it hard to imagine that Marvel’s going to figure out something to do with a 64-year-old woman.”

She also acknowledged that her days of dealing with elaborate special effects may be behind her and that Marvel and may not be the best fit.

“I’m afraid if I do a Marvel movie, they’re going to stick dots all over me and make me act by myself in a warehouse somewhere,” she said. “‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ was the absolutely most unexpected, delightful experience maybe of my career, just because the expectations were so low and I was so free in the work and just had a blast making it. And there was no green screen!”

Curtis will next be seen in “Halloween Ends,” the conclusion to the rebooted “Halloween” horror trilogy.