Jane Lynch Won’t Be a Total Grinch on ‘Weakest Link’ Holiday Special: ‘The Spirit of Christmas Always Wins Out’

The special will feature contestants who celebrate the holidays year-round, including several Santa Clauses

Jane Lynch hosts a holiday edition of "Weakest Link" titled "How Jane Lynch Stole Christmas" (Casey Durkin/NBC)

Jane Lynch won’t be a total Grinch in the new “Weakest Link” holiday special — a departure from her usual sharp-tongued style.

Titled “How Jane Lynch Stole Christmas” — perhaps a throwback to a beloved “Glee” holiday episode that saw Lynch’s Sue Sylvester dress up like the Grinch — Monday night’s episode of “Weakest Link” brings together what Lynch calls “professional Christmas people” for a special edition of the NBC competition show.

“My character on ‘Weakest Link’ is always on the verge of stealing the joy out of any situation,” Lynch told TheWrap. “That’s kind of the beautiful little Christmas tension back and forth, and, of course, the spirit of Christmas always wins out.”

Beginning with a special reading of classic holiday tale “How Jane Lynch Stole Christmas,” the episode welcomes several Santa Clauses — who Lynch notes keep their beards “all year long” — one Mrs. Claus, a caroler and an elf to compete in the team-based quiz competition in the hopes of winning the grand prize.

“They’re totally serious about this work, and they’re just lovely people,” Lynch said. “They’re not crazy. They’re not at the fringes of mental health. They’re really wonderful people who have Christmas in their heart year-round, and I just love that about them.”

Jane Lynch hosts a holiday edition of “Weakest Link” titled “How Jane Lynch Stole Christmas” (Casey Durkin/NBC)

While “Weakest Link” has previously hosted specialty versions of the show throughout its three-season run — from themes focused on soap operas to professional wrestling to drag queens — Christmas holds a special place in Lynch’s heart.

“I love Christmas,” Lynch said. “I tour with my friends in a band all over the country with Christmas music every year, so I’m a big fan … [and] I was, of course, totally in favor of this.”

Of course, the holiday episode opens up a world of opportunities for Christmas-themed puns, including “you’re a mean one, Janie Lynch.”

“I have great writers. They’re on set and in my ears sometimes, so they’ll give me some good things to say — I’m very lucky girl,” Lynch said. “I do my little jabs here and there, but, for the most part, we keep it pretty Christmassy.”

While the host notes the entire episode is “bursting with Christmas spirit,” the Nov. 27 telecast also hits a new milestone as the “professional Christmas people” tackle questions from a slew of topics.

“Something happened in the first round that has never happened — the players attained it [for the first time] since I’ve been hosting the show,” Lynch said. “These are smart people. We don’t just ask Christmas questions; it runs the gamut.”

Premiering just after Thanksgiving, Lynch hopes the holiday episode will help usher in the Christmas season, noting “this will be a great way … to get people in that that heart space. That’s what I hope people walk away with — a beautiful beginning to the Christmas season.”

The holiday edition of “Weakest Link” premieres Monday, Nov. 27 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.


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