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Jimmy Kimmel Makes Movie Critics Say Something Nice About ‘Transformers’ Director Michael Bay (Video)

Some of the top critics in the country took a break from hating ”Transformers“ to lie through their teeth

Before Michael Bay unleashed a fourth “Transformers” movie to destroy the competition at the box office, the majority of film critics destroyed the sequel for being too long, too loud, and too incoherent. But that doesn’t mean those same critics can’t say anything nice about the blockbuster film director.

Jimmy Kimmel called upon a few to do just that on Monday.

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“He seems to have great hair,” Richard Roper said in the segment. “And I hear he’s above average in the height department.”

Bay is also pretty good at predicting the future. Bay promised no matter how loud his haters were, people would still flock to the theaters to watch Mark Wahlberg fight alongside Optimus Prime and the Dinobots.

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And they did. “Transformers: Age of Extinction” trampled new releases over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, and has made $576.2 million worldwide in just two weeks.

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Paramount executives definitely have something nice to say about Bay, but above, you’ll see what critics who hate Bay’s movies could scrounge up.