Can Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Film Careers Bounce Back After the Verdict?

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TheWrap spoke with industry insiders who said Depp may work his way back, but Heard’s career may be lethally wounded

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After winning a resounding $10 million verdict against ex-wife Amber Heard, can Johnny Depp’s career bounce back? Can Heard’s? TheWrap talked to multiple Hollywood insiders who said that while Depp may work again, he won’t be starring in studio blockbusters.

“No A-list movie is going to hire him the way they used to,” said one top veteran studio executive, speaking of Depp, 58. “He was a pain in the ass before the trial, always. And what he’s proven is he’s still a pain in the ass.”

Similarly, a top talent agent said that Depp would find work in the independently financed world, but not among the $20 million roles that gave him a rich back end, as the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise once did.