Kelly Clarkson, Shania Twain Bond Over Onstage Malfunctions: ‘I Was Commando – That Would’ve Gone Real European Beach’ (Video)

The pair also discussed body positivity following Twain’s buzzed-about nude photoshoot

Swinging by “The Kelly Clarkson Show” Thursday, Canadian singer-songwriter Shania Twain bonded with Kelly Clarkson over the struggles of quick changes and other onstage malfunctions while touring the world.

Clarkson, as is often her way, didn’t hold back, recalling a time that one particularly vibrant performance almost left her nude onstage.

“One time in my quick change, they forgot to do something … and I jumped around a lot on that tour,” Clarkson began, saying that they zipped the dress but forgot a final check. “So my dress almost came completely off, and I was commando! So that would have gone real European beach real quick.”

Twain got in on the fun, sharing that she’s had “things like that happen” before recounting that the biggest mishap she’s had onstage involved her horse.

“My horse is onstage, drops a big poop, and I mean it’s big and it’s steamy and it’s stinky,” Twain said. “I love horse poop, everything I own smells like horse poop, but it was just really awkward and so I had to just say, ‘Well, s— happens.’”

Twain appeared on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” ahead of Friday’s release of her new album “Queen of Me.” In addition to onstage mishaps, the pair discussed body image and being comfortable in their own skin after admiring Twain’s bare-it-all album cover.

“Growing up in the South, it was like you weren’t supposed to – you always had to be turtleneck and skirt down to here. There’s nothing wrong with loving your body, especially when you’ve been given that,” Clarkson said, emphatically indicating Twain’s displayed album cover. “I think it’s beautiful and I think it’s amazing that you’re comfortable and you love it. It looks like you and it looks like the word ‘free.’ Whenever I saw it, I was like, ‘Oh she looks free.’”

“It’s just very important to be comfortable in our own skin,” Twain replied before admitting that she never enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror with the lights on.

“Now I’m 57, I’ve been in menopause for years. I’m like ‘OK, if I don’t learn to love what I’m looking at in the mirror now I’m gonna hate myself tomorrow. If I don’t look at myself today, I’m gonna hate myself tomorrow’ – because it’s just getting saggier or lumpier,” she said. “So I said, ‘No I’m going to start right now.’ So I did that photo shoot. I did a lot of nude photos, I forced myself under the lights in front of the cameras with the crew there taking these pictures. I’m marking this day as this is the best I’m going to look anyway forever so I might as well own that and enjoy it while I’ve got it at 57.”

Watch a clip from their interview in the video above, and you can catch Clarkson and Twain talking more about body positivity here.