Tommy Mottola, Lex Borrero Say Education Is Still a Large Part of Bringing Latin Culture Mainstream

Office With a View: The co-founders behind production studio NTERTAIN tell TheWrap they don’t take ”no“ for an answer

For Tommy Mottola and his producing partner, Lex Borrero, the word “no” doesn’t exist. The pair are on a tenacious mission to bring Latin stories to mainstream entertainment.

“We tell our team all the time that the word no doesn’t exist,” Borrero told TheWrap for this week’s Office With a View. “It’s really [a mindset of] create first, think without limits, then you figure out the money to make that happen. That gives you a certain freedom. That is very different than when you approach things just as a business, because then you’re always looking at dollar signs.”

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Katie Campione

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