Why Threads Isn’t the Social Media Haven Meta Promises | Analysis

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The same toxicity that scared away advertisers from Twitter, now X, is afflicting the new competitor

People yelling at each other on Threads, a social media app, with American Flag in background
Toxicity isn't going anywhere anytime soon. (Christopher Smith / TheWrap)

After a rocket-ship trajectory to more than 100 million users, things aren’t looking quite as cheery for Threads, Meta’s text-centric alternative to what’s now called X.

Over half of Threads’ users have taken an extended break from it within its first month on the market. Civil rights groups have dinged Threads for not using Instagram’s fact-checking program, allowing misinformation and hate to freely proliferate. And advertisers, after initially clamoring to place commercial messages on Threads, may have fresh reason for caution.

Unlike X, Threads was supposed to be a “sanely run,” advertiser-friendly social network that wouldn’t feature the politically charged, incendiary town square aspects of its more established rival.