Creators of Cinephile Card Game Celebrate Your Favorite Genres With ‘My First Movie’ Children’s Book Series (Exclusive)

The books — including “My First Film Noir” and “My First French New Wave” — will arrive later this year online and via select booksellers

My First Movie

With its distinctive branding and malleable play style, Cinephile has become a card game staple for any serious movie fanatic, and the team from Cinephile has branched out, first with the “A is Auteur” children’s book (part of their ‘lil cinephile brand) that introduced the theory to kids and now with “My First Movies,” a three-book collection devoted to introducing your youngster to some classic genre. Because what toddler doesn’t want to know the fundamentals of Italian giallos?

“My First Movies, Vol. 1” is a collection (a trilogy, if you will) of three books – “My First Giallo Horror,” “My First French New Wave” and “My First Film Noir” – and will be available online and through select independent booksellers starting in December 2022. The books be available individually ($15 each) and in a limited edition three-book box set ($40) and are written by Cinephile founder Cory Everett and illustrated by Julie Olivi. The books feature everything you’ve come to expect from the Cinephile brand – crisp, clean graphics; a deep-dive knowledge of cinema presented in a lovably simple way; and a sense of humor that’s both playful and reverential. If you’re introducing “Suspiria” or “The Big Sleep” to a little kid, all are obviously very necessary.

And this is just the beginning. The “My Favorite Movies” series will continue in early 2024 with “My First Hollywood Musical,” “My First Spaghetti Western” and “My First Japanese Crime Movie” (Sergio Leone, Seijun Suzuki and Robert Stevenson, oh my!) Other upcoming books from the ‘lil cinephile team include “The Wes Anderson Alphabet” and “A is for Auteur, Vol. 2” featuring 26 more directors you will pretend to know at cocktail parties.

My First Movie Box Set

“My First Movies” teaches us that when it comes to getting your children hooked on classic movies and beloved filmmakers, it’s never too early.