Could Netflix Rush a Roku Acquisition to Tap the $9 Billion Midterm Election Ad Market?

The No. 1 streamer’s rapid push for an ad-supported tier could be vastly helped by acquiring the established AVOD service and its technology

Netflix’s desire to quickly ramp up an ad-supported tier — and the streamer’s reported interest in acquiring the video streaming platform Roku — may be driven by a very specific and very lucrative motivation: political advertising.

“There’s a $9 billion pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if Netflix can get live with ads by September,” Dallas Lawrence, senior vice president of Samba TV, told TheWrap.

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Brandon Katz

Brandon Katz is TheWrap's Senior TV Reporter. He has served as a reporter, commentator and contributor at several publications, including Morning Brew, Observer, and Forbes. He has a BA in Electronic Journalism from GMU. Follow him on Twitter: @Great_Katzby