With Half the Content, Max Is Keeping Pace with Netflix’s Demand | Charts

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Netflix leads overall total demand for on-platform movies, while Disney+ takes the top spot for average demand per film

Taissa Farmiga (left), Carrie Coon and Morgan Spector in "The Gilded Age." (Barbara Nitke/HBO)

As of October, Netflix emerged as the streaming service with the most demand for movies on its platform. Netflix surpassed Max in this measure only in the past quarter. Historically, Max has had the most in-demand movie catalog of SVODs in the U.S. Amazon’s Prime Video comes in a close third behind Max, but beyond the top three platforms, there is a sharp dropoff in the demand for other platforms’ movie catalogs.

Graph depicting Netflix and Max leading total on-platform movie demand

Looking at the average demand for films on these streamers reveals differing approaches. Netflix may have the highest demand for its catalog, but this is driven in large part by the quantity of movies it has available to stream.


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