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New ‘Borat 2’ Footage Includes Insane Cartoon About Donald Trump and Melania

Along with a pile of deleted scenes, Amazon and Sacha Baron Cohen have given us a gross, explicit fairy tale about how the Trumps got together

On Tuesday, Amazon Prime Video dropped more than an hour of deleted scenes and more from the “Borat” sequel “Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm.” And while most folks are understandably focused on Hillary Clinton’s appearance in one of the extra scenes, the craziest new bit we got was a cartoon — a Cinderella parody about Donald Trump getting together with Melania.

The central conceit with this “Borat” cartoon is that Trump met Melania for the first time at a ball, he did that thing he said he does — grabbing women by their vaginas. And then after Melania disappeared at the stroke of midnight, Trump was left to wander the land grabbing vaginas until he found the one that fit in his hand the way Melania’s did.

But that’s not all the grossness in store in this two-minute cartoon, which wraps up one of the batches of extra “Borat” footage.

“Once upon a time there was a lonely peasant girl called Melania from s—hole country Slovenia who dreamed of marrying a rich old man,” the narration begins.

“One day, she was invited to a grand ball thrown by Fat King Donald. At the ball, when Fat King Donald saw Melania, he became more turgid than he’d ever been before. So, he grabbed her vagine.

 “But then, on the stroke of midnight, Melania disappeared. Fat King Donald searched his kingdom far and wide, grabbing the vagines of every young maiden.”

We get a little bit of a montage here of Trump going around to various places and sexually assaulting women by grabbing their vaginas. One of the places we see is the Miss Teen America pageant dressing room — a reference to real allegations against Trump — though fortunately they don’t actually show that one.

Somehow, things still escalate from here, once Trump finally “found the one that perfectly fitted his hand.”

“They married and put her in the most beautiful golden cage at the top of the highest tower in all of America. Where they lived happily ever after,” the narrator says to end the cartoon.

Right at the end, though, we get a two-part sex scene. The first part involves Melania urinating in Trump’s mouth, and the second has Melania, uh, doing things to Trump’s anus while he tweets about how “there are fine people on both sides.” And, yes, there is some Donald Trump nudity in there. All while an anthropomorphized rat watches, jumping and clapping.

I guess “Borat” has often been pretty gross, and this probably isn’t actually grosser than other stuff that Sasha Baron Cohen has done with this and other characters he’s used to mess with folks. But since it involves Donald Trump, it somehow just feels more disgusting.

You can watch the cartoon and other deleted scenes from “Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm” for yourself on Amazon Prime Video here.