Next Up for AI Chatbots? It’s All About How to Apply Them | PRO Insight

The magical demos displayed the capability, and now the platform wars begin

The chatbots did their job. They inspired awe, mockery and even some fear. Most importantly, they drew attention. Front-page headlines, cover stories and word of mouth caused millions to try them, leading businesses and developers to ask how they could put the technology to use. 

The APIs, of course, were always the point. ChatGPT and Bing’s chatbot were never the end product. They were demos meant to sell other companies on tools they could use to build their own. And it worked. Now, the war to build the leading generative AI platform is underway.

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Alex Kantrowitz

Alex Kantrowitz is a WrapPRO contributor. He's the founder of Big Technology, a free newsletter and podcast about Big Tech and society. He's also the author of "Always Day One: How the Tech Titans Plan to Stay on Top Forever" and a contributor at CNBC.